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19 Marzo 2017


We are really amazed to have the chance to interview one of the “fathers” of the Paleo movement and one of the most appreciated “autorithies” on the ancestral health field. Your first book “The Paleo Solution: The original human diet” is a bestseller that spread the Paleo approach around the world.

ALESSIO: It’s just been published in USA your last best seller “Wired to eat“. Can you just give us a little taste about it?

ROBB: First, it’s a huge honor to talk with you and I am incredibly happy with the reception my work has had in Italy. My wife is Italian (speaks it well!) and we love visiting.  As to the new book Wired to Eat, it is a look at the neuroregulation of appetite. How our brains know when we have eaten enough and also how our modern world can fool us into thinking we are hungry, even if we have eaten too much. If people really understand this process they should feel no guilt or shame around the difficulties of eating better. They still need to do the work, but when you understand your genetic wiring, there is no reason to feel bad about your difficulty.

ALESSIO: We really appreciate you also because you always try to be unbiased and open minded, you are not afraid to change your mind, a key feature for a truth seeker. What did you have to tinker from your first publication, in light of new evidence and research?

ROBB: What became clear is a “one size fits all approach” only catches a certain number of people. not everyone has the same needs and challenges, so we need to look at different dietary strategies as tools, not religious doctrine.


ALESSIO: What is your personal approach? Can you give us a brief example of your typical meal plan?

ROBB: Personally I feel best on the lower carb side of things, but this is highly individual, not everyone needs this type of approach. I am very reactive to gluten so I do not even dabble with that, but I otherwise eat a generally “paleo plan”, but will mix in some cheese and corn occasionally.

ALESSIO: What about exercise and lifestyle? How do you manage to live an “ancestral” lifestyle despite your heavy load of work?

ROBB: I try to walk a lot, which is challenging in the US as we made everything convenient for cars, not people.  I lift weights two days per week, and 3-4 days per week I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu. The most important element of exercise or movement is that it’s something you will do for years, not just a few weeks.


ALESSIO: You are also commited to work about sustainability, can you briefly explain us your perspective?

ROBB: I work with the Savory Institute to help raise awareness about the potential of using holistic management to not only produce food but to also improve our environment.

ALESSIO: Do you think the ancestral movement will manage to spread awareness in the mainstream medicine about the importance of an evolutionary approach in a foreseeable future or  we are still far from having a considerable voice?

ROBB: I do think this idea will spread. It’s like a superior operating system for a computer…it may take time, but it will see adoption.

Thank you very much Robb, we really appreciate and we will go on with following your amazing work with enthusiasm and passion.

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