New Guidelines for Melatonin and Ascorbic Acid Supplementation During COVID-19 Maintenance and Infection Stages
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New Guidelines for Melatonin and Ascorbic Acid Supplementation During COVID-19 Maintenance and Infection Stages

By Doris Loh

As of May 9, 2020, COVID-19 has infected over four million people worldwide, and there are currently no proven effective drugs nor vaccines to treat SARS-CoV-2 infections. 

Melatonin and ascorbic acid have been found to be extremely effective by many people infected by COVID-19. Clinical trials are currently underway for both ascorbic acid and melatonin to show that both molecules play critical roles during COVID-19 infections.

The following are two UPDATED charts for supplementation with melatonin and ascorbic acid for infants, children, and adults during maintenance, and infection stages.

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Al 9 maggio 2020, il COVID-19 ha infettato oltre quattro milioni di persone in tutto il mondo e attualmente non esistono farmaci efficaci, né vaccini per curare definitivamente le infezioni da SARS-CoV-2.

La melatonina e l’acido ascorbico sono risultati estremamente efficaci da molte persone infette da COVID-19. Sono attualmente in corso studi clinici sia sull’acido ascorbico che sulla melatonina al fine di dimostrare che entrambe le molecole possano svolgere un ruolo critico durante le infezioni COVID-19.

Di seguito sono riportati due grafici AGGIORNATI per l’integrazione con melatonina e acido ascorbico per neonati, bambini e adulti durante il mantenimento e le fasi di infezione.

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Doris Loh

Doris Loh

Doris Loh is an independent researcher and writer specializing in the investigation of familiar and innovative health topics using unique perspectives in traditional and quantum biology. Her training as a classical pianist allows her the freedom to explore concepts and theories with a curiosity that often results in distinctive conclusions. Recent works by Doris are focused on how health and disease are greatly affected by electromagnetic radiation that surround us everywhere we go. Her works on EMF offer insight and solutions to the challenges humans and other living organisms face during this era of change. Major works by Doris include an in-depth series on deuterium, as well as a startling series on the birefringent quantum properties of the major REDOX balancer, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The ongoing series on COVID-19 is recognized around the world for the in-depth coverage of the disease and discussion on holistic alternatives for prevention and treatment.