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February 1 2022

In this article we talk about the fundamental interaction of the universe, resonance, and how it can be exploited for beneficial or nefarious purposes.

After all, everything in Nature is a double-edged sword, you just need to be aware of its use.

This article is what the booklet is missing SPELL BREAKING of the great Tom Cowan and would make it perfect. We do not rule out adding it as an appendix to the next upcoming reprint.

This study hypothesizes the effectiveness of resonance to "inactivate" the "viruses", let's see what it is and let's analyze it together.

“Viruses and other microbes can be selectively inactivated by an oscillating electric field of adequate frequency. Royal R. Rife discovered this method as early as 100 years ago. He proved its efficiency through high resolution microscopes and in 1934, with controlled clinical tests. However, these results appeared to be astounding as the underlying mechanism was not understood. We have 3 problems: the functioning of Rife's super-microscopes, his observations that bacteria undergo a reduction in size, the decisive phenomenon of resonance. We have explained the high magnification and resolving power of Rife's microscopes and shown that the new discoveries confirm the postulate concerning invariable forms of bacteria must be abandoned. Then we proved that the forced oscillations of the viral spikes lead to a peculiar resonance due to non-linear effects. This causes a total destruction of the virus by breaking its shell. The same theory applies to bacteria and nanobacteria, due to their pili.
The global corona pandemic, the constant threat of unpredictable mutations and the current explanation available now should make it obvious that biophysical methods can no longer be neglected ".

The study is very interesting, even if as usual spoiled by the virological religion.

No one has ever truly isolated the elusive "Pathogenic", and probably none ever existed "Metastasis" voltante (cit. Dr. Stefan Lanka) who goes around making people and animals sick.
What is called "Viral isolate" and it is observed under the electron microscope is nothing more than the result of laboratory manipulations of monkey kidney cells to which human and bacterial genetic material deriving from body fluids is added, fetal bovine serum, antibiotics, etc ...
All this causes an inevitable cellular degradation and the relative images show exactly this phenomenon.

We also remember that the phantom "Spike" are nothing more than an artifact of the method of preparing tissues for microscopic examination, and in some studies they have even been "Built" artfully adding trypsin to the mixture; in short, virologists play with Legos and feed on memes.

This trivial thing and all the virological anti-scientific hoax is well explained in the masterpieces translated into Italian for you by True Edizioni: "The myth of contagion" e "Breaking the spell".


But let's move on: So, what are biophysicists really observing?

Since all living organisms work through resonance, which is the basis of intra- and inter-organism communication, it can be expected that by entering into synchronization with processes, one particular reaction can be induced rather than another.

There are two hypotheses:

1- The resonance induces an exponential increase in the oscillations that cause the breakdown of bacterial material and degraded cellular debris, a mechanism that suggests the presumed "death" of the elusive "virus".

2- The resonance induces the Béchampian phenomenon of "Return to the microzymes / somatids phase", of the mini "Spores" which are the basis of pleomorphism, recreating the tissues as soon as conditions return favorable.

Resonance underlies all aspects of the world, it concerns music, nuclear fusion in dying stars, and even the very existence of subatomic particles.
Resonant phenomena occur when a system is subjected to an oscillating force in tune with one of its natural frequencies.
The natural frequencies of a system depend on its intrinsic properties: for a flute, for example, it is the frequencies of the sound waves that fit exactly in its cylindrical geometry.
Euler had hypothesized that when a system is driven precisely at the resonant frequency, the amplitude of the motion continuously increases until it theoretically reaches infinity.
This effect can have important effects, as in the most famous case of the singer breaking the crystal glass when holding the note at its resonant frequency.
When you get close to the resonance, the sound momentarily increases, because the sound waves arrive at the glass in synchrony with the vibrations that are already present, like the thrust of an oscillating body at the right moment can amplify its initial motion.

Even a bridge that resonates with the footsteps of marching soldiers can collapse, although what happens most frequently is a loss of energy that prevents the continuous and indefinite growth of the movement of the system.


This peculiarity is not only the prerogative of sound waves, but also of the electromagnetic field, which, contrary to the postulates of the standard model, is at the basis of all interactions in the universe.
Quantum theory has revealed that the structure of atoms is intimately linked to resonance.
Electrons bound to atoms are represented as small sound waves trapped in glasses, and atomic nuclei can only exist due to resonance.
Resonant transitions are critical for nuclear fusion reactions (it is no coincidence that the much maligned cold fusion is based precisely on this principle).
Quantum field theory sees elementary entities as a localized expression of fields that permeate all space. Particles are localized resonant excitations of fields, vibrating like springs in an infinite mattress.
The frequencies at which quantum fields prefer to vibrate start from fundamental constants of dark origin; these frequencies in turn determine the mass of the corresponding particles.
In this sense, resonance is responsible for the very existence of particles.
The quantum field theory finds analogy in the unified theory of Meyl, which however starts from the hydromagnetic field and derives all the interactions of the universe in terms of potential vortices.
Therefore, according to this perspective, the field becomes a wave which in turn becomes a vortex, so that the properties of the matter can be traced back to the peculiar frequency of the perturbations of the field that result in the vortices of potential.
The fundamental difference with classical quantum theory is that the latter fails in the attempt to unify all forces, because it starts from the wrong premises, while the unified theory is able to derive mathematically the otherwise postulated Schrödinger equation.

What was the purpose of this digression in the field of theoretical physics?

Since the fundamental interactions of the universe are of the resonant type, it follows that this peculiarity is an essential prerequisite for the exchange of information and energy also and above all between living beings and with the entire universe.
In fact, the biological effects exerted by light and by the electromagnetic spectrum in general, pass through this type of interaction.
"Talk" with our body, the sun and the Earth use the resonance windows, which allow us to capture the “photonic” information and have an exchange with other systems.

Very well, as we have seen in this article:


The frequencies used by 5G technology are right in the middle of biological water resonance, so they have the potential to destroy the coherent structure of water and establish resonant interactions that drive nefarious processes in the body.
What kind of information does our body receive? Surely information alien to our evolutionary path!

Instead, the friendly light frequencies that we use for our phototherapy and photobiomodulation devices, allow our body to maintain the coherent structure of the water and to correctly guide the biochemical processes, since they are in perfect harmony with the evolution of life on the our planet.


If you don't know the biophysics of life, you can't predict the effect on our body of communication technologies, music, drugs, supplements, food, and any other entity we interact with.
So how do we manage to extricate ourselves from this dense and apparently impregnable labyrinth?
Once again, if we follow Nature with its magical frequencies, we don't need to puzzle ourselves with equations of thousands of variables that no one will ever be able to solve.
The hunter-gatherers knew nothing about physics and mathematics but lived in health and in harmony with Nature (they still do today).
So, reconnecting with it in the first place, and biohacking devices can lend a big hand in the world we are forced to live in.


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