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January 6 2022

The "vitamin D deficiency" fraud.

How does fraud work in the medical field? And how does it work? Follow the steps and you will see a series of incredible analogies that can be superimposed on modern vaccines, statins, metformin ...

First step.
Make everyone focus on 25OHD3, which is absolutely misleading for diagnostic purposes.

A) Do not reveal to the patient that it is the molecule is trivially a reserve molecule mostly inactive for the purposes of biological activity but you only show him that it is "low" or "very low".

B) Do not disclose that there are more than a dozen different 25Ds in our body and at most we only test a couple of them. bearing in mind that in infants the 25OH EPI form is even superior to the classic 25OHD3

C) Not disclosing some of the other forms of 25D INCLUDING the main ones found in children are non-calcemic analogs.

D) Not disclose the fact that 25D and its carrier protein, vitamin D binding protein, are both acute phase negative reagents, meaning serum 25- (OH) D is an unreliable biomarker of vitamin status D after an acute (or chronic) inflammatory insult that affects the vast majority of people labeled deficient.

E) Do not disclose that every article published on the "deficiency" is a mere association that comes from epidemiology that becomes serious only if it results in a deficiency of the active molecule produced in cascade by it.

F) Do not disclose that the vast majority of all deficiency documents would not exist under the goal that was in effect prior to 2010 (increase serum 25OH ONLY!)

G) Do not reveal that increasing only the serum 25OH leaving out the 1,25 (OH) 2D3 (the form that has biological activity in the human and animal body) EXACTLY where it was is a CRAZY SHIT!

H) Do not reveal that the functionality of the VDR (Vitamin D Receptors) is fundamental for the biological activity of the hormone complex D and that if these do not work, any attempt to bring the 25OH into the ranges they invented to force 90% of the population to integrate is totally useless. But the experts say at the most of VDR that there is a genetic defect that they call "resistance". TOTALLY INVENTED.

I) Do not point out that taking VITAMIN D exogenously is strongly IMMUNE SUPPRESSIVE and for this reason those who do it "feel better" and / or "throw the crutches" because they go to extinguish the cytokine storm.


L) fail to notice that the disease continues to thrive happily, on the contrary it is fed by further clogging of the VDR that already worked poorly and worsened with supplementation

M) fail to note that other autoimmune diseases may arise with symptoms similar to the previous / previous ones and therefore difficult to diagnose, especially in a regime of total immunosuppression

N) Do not point out that VITAMIN D is not a vitamin but a very powerful secosteroid hormone and therefore it is not "supplemented" but it is a real HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY (mostly useless if you don't go to the real cause of the problem). really hateful this thing and above all that you can sell this hormone on AMAZON and the like. An incredible semantic trick, an abominable medical flaw. Just like calling an experimental mRNA gene drug a “vaccine” and giving it to everyone with the blackmail of staying out of society and hungry.

O) Do not point out that whoever proposes this hormone or sells it, or is paid (any form is fine, even trivial travel expense reimbursements) by companies that sell it or peddle miraculous NON-CONVENTIONAL "methods" such as COIMBRA or APOLLO and builds us a career.


P) fail to note that HRT with VITAMIN D highs the entire electrolyte system creating imbalances in the calcium / magnesium, iron, copper, potassium ratios ... Potentially MORTALS. Also integrating these elements in a balanced way is IMPOSSIBLE.

Q) not to note that HRT with vitamin D highs the metabolism of DHA, VITAMIN A, VITAMIN K ... And who knows how many other microelements that science does not yet know.

Step two.

Then ask the institutions (UNIVERSITIES) that train doctors to discourage the active form test using any necessary tactic with great influence coming from the insurance sector because it is more expensive to test for example due to its incredibly short half-life neglecting the consecutio temporum which even my 11 year old daughter would understand.

In the last year, after the publication of my book VITAMIN D which has stimulated hundreds of people to ask for the verification of the active form as well, I have seen people (including DOCTORS) suggest that with a half-life of 8-12 hours it could be possible test 1,25 D three times in a 24 hour period and get three different results.

Although this is simply NOT true, as for the FACT that vitamin D receptors, which are nothing more than a specific protein folded in a very specific way to create a unique pocket or invagination, have a half-life of approximately 4-6 hours. So the molecule they are saying NOT to test has a longer life than the receptors it was created for.

But the illogic must go beyond the basic logic with a crescendo of madness that only the recent one of vaccines can be superimposed.

This shows how dynamic the "Vitamin D metabolism". And all of this is controlled by the VDR gene, NOT how much 25D the body has put in the serum or how much D3 you gorge like a moron.

ENGRAVED: they think they are fighting COVID with very high-dose vitamin D3 "because vaccines are deadly" and they ruin their health worse than if they had taken the "vaccine". ENGRAVED END.

Keep in mind that in order to insert 25D into the serum, the body must activate D3 and allow it in the first place. The inputs of D3 do not determine this quantity because the body decides. The body must decide to create or absorb D3, then activate it at the 1,25D state for a receptor that it also had to create and then dock in the position where it required D and then generate new receptors. This is a very dynamic and circular process compared to a conclusion that vitamin D "experts" take for granted before D3 is ever acquired. None of this happens by chance.

The human body is intelligent evil. Infinitely smarter than the device I'm typing from what you're using to read what I've written. It is time to realize this.

Phase three.

Now that you have all focused the epidemiology of 25D through associations and can now package as facts that are nothing but correlations that are equal to the pseudoscience of causality, raise the goal of creating a huge web that will almost entangle the WHOLE world. . This is the truly insane piece that I am amazed the world has fallen in love with. Black Africans who get more sun than anyone in Europe and let alone Northern Europe could tolerate and they too are labeled by "Experts" like "Lacking". This is based on the ultra-physiological ranges that establish a minimum target of the level of 25OH.

The "experts" then tag their bodies labeled carved for eons into their DNA by Nature as stupid because they become too dark to block the production of VITAMIN D to meet their goals. It's ridiculous at first sight, but everyone falls for it.

And all from trivial associations with serum 25D3.

This is where Vitamin D earns me the title of "Integrating it is the stupidest thing you can do". And rightly so. If only all sick people had had a higher 25D level, they would not have contracted those diseases that low 25D is associated with in the heads of these "experts" ...

But it stops there because all the interventions fail to correct these pathological states but at the most only to give temporary relief (in some cases even long-lasting) but which will then bring the bill even higher. And this is totally insane exactly like thinking that a single lemon could cure scurvy due to its vitamin C content. In fact, there is vitamin C in a potato just like in a lemon. But vitamin D deficiency is only a retrospective situation. It has never been shown that "integrating" it cures any disease. Sooner or later, every intervention fails. They always need new and better designed evidence after the latest failure to prove it. They've been trying it with fortified foods and drinks since the 30s. It is pure madness indeed.

Time of analogy.

If tomorrow they increase the minimum speed on motorways to 170km / h and every single car that can't go that fast were labeled as faulty, no one would fall for it. Yet it is exactly this is theNET EFFECT to push to increase the level of serum 25D for example from 20 ng / mL to +30. Now the "experts" clients are all broken and half sick (or totally sick) and everything wrong with them is attributed to their 25D level. Sweating during sports also appears to be due to the 25OHD3 level.
Insanity is actually believing that a person's serum 25D level is the cause of their illness.

Have you ever really thought about it? You realize how ridiculous that is, don't you?

So they want you to believe that the cure for cancer is to bring low vitamin D back to the "bubble"? Did they solve the cancer riddle too?
So they say the cause for type I diabetes is having a low 25D level? Is low 25D the cause of type I diabetes? So are you telling me that the cure for multiple sclerosis is not being low in 25D? Is low 25D the cause of multiple sclerosis? But are they serious?
Do they say the cure for heart attacks in men is not being low in 25D? Is low 25D the cause of heart attacks in men? Are you kidding me?
So are you telling me that the cure for fractures is not being low in 25D? Is low 25D the cause of fractures?
So are you telling me that the cure for older women's falls is not being low in 25D? Is low 25D the cause of falls in women? I FELL and I can't get up, laughing at how stupid we are to believe this ridiculousness.

So if we are sick with covid and have low vitamin D ...

And everyone believes it without any science to back up or validate it. This chart is supposed to be scientific.

in practice, according to this study, vitamin D would cure everything ... But it is not so because it is a trivial association ...
Please STOP being so gullible.

If you have "low" vitamin D you are 99% INFLAMMED and you have to go to the cause of the problem which is not VITAMIN D but something else.





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