The covid scam explained with evidence in hand

Written by Angelo

Categories: Health

August 5 2022

More than two years after the alleged discovery of a new pathogenic virus SARS-CoV-2, which allegedly caused a disease called "covid", which allegedly resulted in the deaths of several million people, the theory that such a virus in reality that ever existed has become unbearable for anyone with common sense.

Drop by drop, scientific results and analyzes have arrived, and it is now known that for supporting this theorized virus, inconclusive scientific conclusions have been proclaimed as facts, crucial experimental steps constantly skipped, uncomfortable scientific results ignored, logic ignored, language redefined and perpetrated. large-scale statistical fraud. Not to mention the semantics used for media marketing purposes (example: "immunization" in the absolute absence of immunization; "vaccine" instead of an experimental gene drug, etc ...).

When one considers even a brief review of what we now know, it becomes clear that no such virus has ever been found and that in order to adequately escape the spiral-shaped disaster this illusion has unleashed upon the world, the theory itself must be discarded first. possible.

And the upcoming elections with new lists of oppositions that have falsely opposed the various green passes and abuses, but firmly believe in the existence of the virus, says it all on which path we are taking for at least the next 5 years ...


  1. Since the start of the alleged Wuhan 2019 crisis, it has never been established that any patient was ill due to a new and distinct disease. The original symptoms of the Wuhan patients who are said to be the first victims of the covid were "cough and fever". Since when are cough and fever the clear symptoms of a new disease? (1)
  2. Of the three original patients believed to have the new covid disease, two of them recovered on their own three days after this cough and fever. The third was ventilated due to concerns that he had "SARS." 2 He died. It was later found that 88% of mechanically ventilated patients die, possibly due to the ventilation process itself, compared to 20% of similarly ill patients not undergoing mechanical ventilation.3 So it appears that the first true "covid" death "Was a death due to misdiagnosis and following actual maltreatment due to medical malpractice.
  3. Attempts were then made in Wuhan to attribute the original patients' cough and fever to a new virus by studying and attempting to find a new virus in their fluids. Yet no virus has ever been isolated from these fluids. I REPEAT: No new disease-causing particles have ever been isolated from the body fluids of these sick patients.4 Isolation has been claimed, but nowhere is it supported in the methodology used. It was later confirmed that no actual isolation occurred. 5
  4. To date, after billions of dollars and euros have been spent on research, it has not been possible to successfully isolate the newly declared virus. Instead, the word "isolate" has been redefined to mean "blend". A "SARS-CoV-2 isolate" can be purchased, but only a mixture of the patient's body fluids mixed with animal cells is purchased, with no evidence that the mixture contains "the virus" .6-7
  5. When the scientists examined electron micrographs of cell cultures that had been mixed with fluids from sick patients believed to be infected with a new virus, they claimed they could see "SARS-CoV-2" but what was seen in the photographs was indistinguishable from other small particles commonly observed in the human body, 8 and sometimes did not even have the form that is said to be that of "SARS-CoV-2", eg. there were no peaks in the circles.9 Numerous biologists have warned these virologists in print publications that their claims that they imagined the virus were wrong, but there have been no public retractions.10
  6. When scientists attempted to see if they could find replication of this theorized virus by placing fluids from a sick person believed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 on human lung cells, where they believed the virus to replicate, they failed. to find the replication of any virus on cells.11 12
  7. Although other scientists "managed" to see the damaged cells after placing fluids from sick patients (said to have "covid") over them, these fluids were combined with antibiotics, formaldehyde and other reagents that were also harmful to cells and no control experiments have been conducted to regulate it, or other external factors.13
  8. When scientists attempted to see if they could find replication of this theorized virus by placing tissue from a sick person believed to be infected with SARS-CoV-2 onto other human cell lines, they could not find the replicated virus on the cells. .14 ​​Only cell lines that a sick person's fluid mixture constantly damages in experiments are kidney cells, which is not surprising as fluid mixtures consistently contain antibiotics that are toxic to the kidneys. 15
  9. It has been claimed that the virus has spread through the air. However, when scientists attempted to find viral material in the air of hospital rooms from the same covid wards, they were unsuccessful.16
  10. Genomic sequencing indicated that the alleged new virus was sequenced without ever having found / isolated a virus: the compiled sequence was a computer model of a potential sequence that could have been in the mixture, but could not be proven to exist. in the mixture by this method. 17-18
  11. However, a test was quickly designed and put into use that according to WHO and CDC and EMA-AIFA could determine whether or not people have "the virus" despite being developed without a real virus, without ever being been validated against a virus and without ever having been validated against a sample of sick patients.19-20
  12. This "test" has been shown time and again to return positive results in even the most absurd cases, including tests on fruit, plants, chickens, goats, perfectly healthy people and even people who were previously marked as "negative" just seconds earlier. 21-22
  13. However, the test has been widely used to classify "cases" of "covid" (and increase the terror among the population thanks to the news of the media), although it was known that the test had never been validated and was regularly performed in ways (at the CT level) that would almost certainly return positive responses on a regular basis, regardless of whether the person had a theoretical virus in them.23
  14. An obvious statistical fraud was then used to claim the rise of a new widespread disease, including the reclassification of patients who previously would have been listed as having "flu", were instead classified as "covid", by the millions. Cases of influenza decreased by 98%, tens of millions per population worldwide, while cases of "covid" increased by roughly the same number.24
  15. Statistics were further confused as hospitals were financially incentivized to claim their patients were covid cases and were further incentivized to claim deaths were due to covid rather than other causes, resulting in the now many and famous claims. absurd that the victims of road accidents had died due to covid.25
  16. In 94% of cases marked as covid deaths, patients were already known to suffer from other known deadly diseases. In the few remaining cases, patients may simply have been suffering from undiagnosed diseases. almost all of the dead had full-blown chronic metabolic diseases 26 but with the history of "immunization" they injected a drug at all over and over again.
  17. Autopsies were not performed on large numbers of covid victims to look for the identifying markers of a new disease, although this was previously a typical and logical step used to identify and understand the onset of a new disease.27
  18. When autopsies were performed on patients labeled as dead due to covid, medical examiners found nothing that could distinguish these bodies as distinct from deaths due to other diseases. For instance. it is not possible to identify a cadaver from any indicator that predicts death from "covid" versus "pneumonia" or other previously known diseases.28
  19. Since then there have been many attempts to infect animals with the alleged "SARS-CoV-2" virus, but no experiments have successfully recreated the symptoms known as covids in these animals, showing no change in the control animals.29
  20. In those animal experiments that showed a change in symptoms (although different from covid symptoms), the most cited study showed "slight weight loss" and "bristle fur" in transgenic mice; 30 however, this change was also likely it was caused by the way the mice were made transgenic. No control experiments have been performed to exclude other factors. 31
  21. The mass medical trial was immediately requested by the WHO and the CDC and was conducted on a large scale, based on the theory that the patient's illness was due to this new virus. This trial was a universal failure.32-33 but the TV keeps telling us it was a success
  22. If a new contagious virus had been the cause of a new disease in 2020, death rates would have increased regardless of national borders; viruses would not stop at political borders. However, death rates have stopped at national borders. Mortality rates have increased in areas that have used experimental procedures to treat patients who doctors thought were succumbing to a new disease, but higher death rates have not occurred in places that have refused to change their medical procedures. or to engage in medical experimentation. 34-35-36-37
  23. Higher mortality rates in 2020 occurred mainly in places where other dangerous factors had also been introduced: new vaccination programs, new types of vaccinations, new forms and higher rates of air pollution, new more potent forms of radiation, new forms of agricultural chemicals introduced more frequent use, etc., where the main symptom of the proclaimed new disease "covid" corresponded not only to previously known diseases, but also corresponded to symptoms that would almost necessarily have increased due to increased influences toxic. 38-39-40-41-42-43-44-45
  24. Mortality rates increased in the first three months of the “pandemic,” when experimental procedures and refusal to treat sick patients were at their highest, then fell just as rapidly as these procedures and experiments were phased out. If a deadly contagious virus were at work, death rates would have increased exponentially as "the virus" spread and "cases" continued to rise.46
  25. Treating covid-labeled patients with "antiviral" treatments has shown little or no efficacy. 47
  26. In many cases it has been shown that treating covid tagged patients with treatments known to relieve symptoms of non-viral origin; for instance. Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine in adequate doses, Vitamin D (immunosuppressant), Vitamin B, NAC, quercetin etc. If treating sick patients with medicines and nutrients that solve non-viral problems helps cure these patients, then isn't it likely that they suffered from non-viral problems? 48
  27. Mortality rates increased in places with social procedures that treated the sick as if they had a virus, while they remained flat in places where the sick were normally treated. In places where lockdown measures have been taken, disease rates were far higher than in places where few such steps have been taken, such as Sweden.49 If there had been a contagious virus, the government scientists made it clear that they believed these measures (still widely adopted in China) would have shown a great positive effect; however, they did not. 50-51-52-53-54
  28. The masks also showed no positive impact on disease incidence, although government viral modeling experts said they would (and continue to hammer despite the evidence) .55
  29. We still don't have a single confirmed case of asymptomatic transmission; studies on asymptomatic transmission did not show any cases.56
  30. Although the vaccine, according to reports from its own manufacturers, was supposed to lower the death rate from the alleged "covid" disease, it has instead been linked to higher mortality rates among those marked as affected by covid and higher mortality rates in general. 57-58-59
  32. Shocking as it is, historically, no virus has ever actually been isolated, nor any disease demonstrably linked to a virus, despite the medical industry's extraordinarily vast claims about such entities and hundreds of billions spent on such research.60
  33. In fact, we have a whole history of diseases that have at one time or another been labeled as viral, but in each case studied it was found that they were caused by nutritional deficiencies and / or industrial poisons, including the fundamental diseases referred to by the medical institution as basis for viral theory. 61
  34. In this study, the 9 demonstration that the virus does not exist 62. In the study they found very high presence of the equally non-existent "spike protein" (waste from our body that tries to heal by detoxifying) in patients clearly SICK (chronically). ATTENTION NOW: BEFORE THE ARRIVAL OF THE DISEASE CALLED COVID-19… Nobody asks a question and nobody gives an answer.


Following the SARS-CoV-2 covid hypothesis, the global population has been subjected to mass medical misdiagnosis, mass medical experimentation, and mass medical murder.

The sick and frail were subjected to fatal forced ventilation in writing, widespread prescription of experimental drugs known to be fatally toxic and pathogenic, institutionalized prescription of simple treatments in dangerously toxic doses, refusal by medical institutions to allow patients access a, simple and effective treatments for diseases, the refusal by hospitals and health professionals to treat patients in need of treatment for fear of contagion, and the widespread pressure of the institutions to force the entire population, sick or healthy, to experimental injections about themselves and their children who have equaled suddenly skyrocketing cases of heart disease, infertility, cancer and death rates around the world.


Meanwhile, the real diseases that people suffer from are being misdiagnosed and mistreated. Politicians and science fossilized only on ONE solution without asking questions… TYPE: why do people get sick? What can we clean up our environment? What can we improve in our nutrition?


Instead, the therapeutic fury against our bodies, the bodies of our children and those of our families continues unabated. In the declared attempt to destroy this theoretical entity, new poisons are launched every day, new genetic experiments are instituted en masse, and all scientific common sense is silenced or attacked.

Instead of calling for an immediate end to this widespread illusion, WHO, the CDC-EMA-AIFA and the many who follow these deeply dangerous institutions have constantly called for new wars against alleged variants of SARS-CoV-2 or the alleged emergence of new ones " virus ”whose symptoms correspond to the side effects of the previous course of vaccines.


Just last week, a number of doctors and scientists called for a series of experiments that would at least be a methodologically sound way to test whether or not such a virus exists. However, rather than rushing to run these experiments, scientific institutions seem far more determined to follow the billions of dollars in grants that exist to those who create convoluted and uncontrolled experiments to justify fear of the virus rather than doing the basic operations. natural that common sense requires.

Countless doctors, nurses, scientists, journalists, activists and lay people have all spoken out, over and over, but their voices have been constantly ignored - stifled by the media, magnified the fear that danger is ever-present, ever-increasing, and The next child must be placed on the medical altar to be injected with the next experiment which, this time, will stop "the virus".

The evidence that there is no virus causing covid is overwhelming. The case is full of inconsistencies. Yet faith in this mass illusion has taken us over a medieval precipice and into a state of wholesale death, disease and destruction, silenced by the media, spoken softly in hospitals, in private moments. between families, as we watch our loved ones die, still clinging to absurd ideas, like passengers who have thrown themselves overboard in panic, drowning, clinging to lifeboats that exist only in their imaginations fueled by the media and run by BIG PHARMA , as the war on human health and sanity continues at an ever-increasing pace, throwing their hypnotized believers overboard as they too suddenly develop blood clots, heart attacks and cancer and reach the very toxic weights that poisoned them for stay afloat.

When will we come back to us?

Only yesterday (today I write is August 4th):

Covid deaths August 3: - 12 - 2020 - 27 2021 - 171 2022. The dead “in the summer are 10 times more! Despite double and triple "vaccinations" and they ask us for the fourth immediately and then the fifth in September with the drug "updated" on a sequence ...

Look at overvaccinated Portugal, versus unvaccinated South Africa ...

And in the meantime what I consider the most important work written so far is published.

While not yet peer reviewed, this work basically says 3 things:

All-cause mortality over time is the most reliable data for detecting and epidemiologically characterizing events that cause death and for measuring the population-wide impact of any rise or fall in all-cause deaths. These data are not subject to reporting of partiality or prejudice in the attribution of cause of death. We compare all-cause mortality in the United States by time (month, week), by range of, and by state with the number of individuals vaccinated by time (week), by injection sequence, by range of, and by state, using data consolidated up to week-5 of 2022 (week ending February 5, 2022), in order to detect temporal associations, which would have beneficial or deleterious effects from the vaccination campaign. We also quantify excess total mortality from all causes (relative to historical trends) for the entire covid period (WHO announcement March 11, 2020 of a pandemic up to week-5 of 2022, corresponding to a total of 100 weeks) , for the covid period prior to most vaccine administration (first 50 weeks of the 100-week covid period) and for the defined covid period in which most of the vaccine administration is completed (last 50 weeks of the 100-week covid period) defined weeks); by age group and by state.

We find that the COVID-19 vaccination campaign did not reduce all-cause mortality during the covid period.

It cannot be said that no deaths, in the context of resolving all-cause mortality, have been averted thanks to vaccination in the United States.

The mass vaccination campaign was not justified in terms of reducing excess mortality from all causes.

The large excess of mortality in the covid period, far above the historical trend, was maintained throughout the covid in album period from the unprecedented vaccination campaign, and is strongly correlated (r = +0,86) to poverty, by state in fact, dependent on poverty. It is also related to many other socioeconomic and health factors, by state, but not related to population fractions (65+, 75+, 85+ years) of seniors residing in the state.

Here comes the know-it-all who asks me ... But then why do people get sick when they are "together"?
Here is the answer:


Why do you sometimes yawn when someone close to you yawns too? Why is it that when a woman's waters break and she's with another pregnant woman, often, that one too? Could it be A VIRUS ????

And why have drugs been shown to work even for a very short time? Because they made fun of you with a trivial statistical trick. They have well thought of delaying the definition of "vaccinated" with a delay of 2 weeks compared to the puncture.




If you use a drug designed for a "virus" that doesn't even exist and has never been isolated, you can't expect great results ...


Daily updates on the fake pandemic!

Do you think these pandemics are real? Do you know it's all a bumblebee? Did you know that viruses are not the cause of the disease? What kind of disease is COVID then? How can we defend ourselves? How is the disease actually transmitted? How do they explain these mysteries?

THE MYTH OF THE CONTAGION you can only find it on Amazon or on our shopping thanks to the courage of the writer who published it for his very small publishing house

The update BREAKING THE SPELL describes very clearly "The control experiment" which demonstrates in an engineering way that there is nothing lethal in the air that if we breathe it we risk being intubated or even dying.

In practice: disinfecting your hands only serves to massacre the natural microbiome of the skin and bombard itself with endocrine disruptors and chemicals, wearing masks is ridiculous (as well as very dangerous for health - CO2 intoxication other than global warming ...), to keep us apart it massacres our psyche, greeting us with an elbow or a fist is abominable. But above all these "Obligations" they are hateful and totally useless and potentially deadly or disabling. At least forget about the children.








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