The best way to have a testosterone spike?

Written by Angelo

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December 8 2017

Today I'll explain what I do to naturally keep my testosterone levels and energy high.

Di Angelo

I a couple of years ago.

I train with weights. Few repetitions (alactacid), high weights and long recoveries.
Running, cycling and swimming I train at very low intensity in line with my MITOCHONDRIAL TRAINING method.

Introduction to Mitochondrial Training: endurance

I try to eat paleo of course with a lot of meat, seafood and few vegetables, all to my fill and as soon as possible. At least for 19pm, maximum 19.30pm.

After 19pm I wear my glasses blue blocker reds to have a maximum melatonin peak.

As soon as I begin to feel that pleasant numbness that occurs when wearing glasses, I slip into bed and read, always wearing glasses, with the bedside lamp that projects healthy red light on the pages of the book and never towards the face. After a few minutes I barely have the strength to turn off the light and close my eyes.

I sleep without setting the alarm.

I wake up after 7-9 hours of sleep, get dressed quickly and have a bitter coffee with half a teaspoon of dissolved ghee. This further stimulates ketosis after a long night of fasting.

Then I go down to the sea and put myself shirtless with my feet in the water facing the sun (eyes closed but without protective glasses). Minimum 20 m. Regardless of the temperature. If the wind blows, I take shelter behind a structure.

Mitochondrial activation, testosterone ... I think, I meditate ... I try to divert attention from the cold by breathing deeply and regularly using the diaphragm.

It can be done anywhere, as long as instead of the sea there is damp grass, some soil ...

The operation repeated over time I assure you that it changes your life. You will see it from a completely different perspective. Anything that seems insurmountable to you will turn into stupid formality.

Perspectives change, the way of thinking, seeing life. Serotonin, dopamine, desire to do, empathy ...

For beginners, you can start from a few seconds and gradually increase the exposure time to the cold / sun.
In spring / summer / early autumn you can dive right in to increase exposure to the cold.

For you ladies ... The operation will turn you into crazy sex machines.

I get at least 30 minutes of sun a day and when there is no sun ...


About doctors ...

If any pseudo-doctor openly advises "bomb you"Testosterone gel is because his brain is melted by years of practice in allopathic medicine based on"care”Through the drug or its replacement, as if the human body were mere arithmetic. Maybe so ...
Unfortunately, he has not yet and will probably never have an idea of ​​the power of "and gentle cosmetics"And of medicine and quantum biology of which he has never studied a line, nor will he ever understand a blessed cippa because he has neither the scientific basis nor, above all, logical.
They swell up with big words like "evolutionary medicine", but they have only understood the tip of the iceberg.

We are beings of pure energy, we live in symbiosis with our mitochondria that work best only thanks to nature and its VERY SIMPLE rules ...

With gels, hormones "bioidentical"(A nice way to sweeten a term that in the imagination of the average user is scary and make you enter your comfort zone) and other various amenities you will become addicted to. When you stop the "cure" you will have a meltdown, it's called retroactive feedback.

Much better to get in tune with nature and become dependent on it ...
Don't you think so too?



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