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February 27 2023

Singapore sees the highest all-cause mortality in 62 years and the highest perinatal mortality in 20 years… No TV is talking about it…


Singapore's 2022 data has just been released and it's a dud. It recorded a 10,4 percent higher mortality than a year earlier, the largest increase in 62 years since it began keeping records (the city-state celebrated its 65th National Independence Day in 2022). The number is staggering because the number of deaths in 2021 is already the highest in 61 years (10,1%).

Comparing the number of deaths during the pre-pandemic year 2019 that's a staggering 25% increase!

Furthermore, it also recorded the highest number of perinatal deaths in 20 years. The perinatal mortality rate per thousand live births and stillbirths was 4,6, an increase of 58,6% compared to 2021!!

Perinatal death is “still birth and death of infants under the age of seven days”.

Singapore's data is extremely interesting because its employees are extremely serious and rigorous. The data is extremely accurate and reliable and there is no reason to believe that the data has been falsified (like the recently published UK ONS data).


More than 85% of its population has been vaccinated (SOURCE) without possible forgery of certificates as in Europe (including Italy), and has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. There are no strains in healthcare and no shortage of staff. The country is geographically located close to the equator; it is summer all year round, so deaths from climate change are not a significant factor.
And the alternative "experts" cannot even speak of a "deficiency" of VITAMIN D ...

Government is notoriously highly efficient; as efficient as the private sector because the wages are great. Heck, the Prime Minister of Singapore earns more than double that of other heads of state around the world.

In the last three years, the number of COVID deaths in Singapore was 1.712 (2,3% of the total deaths of 73.175 between 2020-2022, practically a ridiculous thing that didn't need any pre-emptive treatment). And this is only a SMALL fraction of the excess deaths recorded.

"Unfortunately", Singapore has not released data on death by vaccination status. But we can see that deaths from COVID began soon after mass vaccination campaigns began on December 30, 2020, and deaths skyrocketed for the next two years.

Some well-informed say that the incredible peak in perinatal mortality would be the fault of the covid (pregnant women) and not of the experimental drugs (pregnant women) promoted by pharmaceutical companies and politicians even in Italy. So why was mortality in 2021 in line with previous years? Posterity will judge…

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