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May 13, 2022

Periodontitis is a chronic oral inflammatory disease that progressively destroys the supporting structures of the teeth. It usually manifests as a worsening of gingivitis and then, if left untreated, with mobility and tooth loss.

Diagnosis is based on inspection, periodontal probing, and x-rays. Treatment involves dental cleaning right down to the gums and a vigorous home hygiene program. Advanced cases may require antibiotics and surgery.

Periodontitis usually develops from gingivitis, usually with abundant plaque and tartar. The metabolism of the accumulating bacteria triggers a chronic release of inflammatory mediators, such as cytokines, prostaglandins and enzymes released by neutrophils and monocytes. The resulting inflammation affects the periodontal ligament, gum, cementum, and alveolar bone. The gums progressively lose their insertions on the teeth, bone resorption begins, and the periodontal pockets become deeper. With progressive bone loss, the teeth can become mobile and the gums recede. In the later stages, tooth migration is common, and their loss can occur.

La photobiomodulation oral a Red light it is able to contribute considerably to the reduction of inflammation and therefore can also assist in recovery from terrible periodontitis.

In a randomized controlled trial, 19 patients with at least one tooth involved received non-surgical therapy and were randomly assigned to 3 LED irradiation protocols according to 3 quadrants: irradiation from the initial clinical evaluation to completion of subgingival cleaning and root planing, subsequent irradiation until a new reassessment and finally control group without irradiation. Clinical parameters and some inflammatory biomarkers were evaluated.

Red light photobiomodulation, during or after subgingival cleaning and root planing, has assisted in the recovery of the periodontium and can be used as an adjuvant treatment to non-surgical therapy. The additional effect was significant in sites with more consistent periodontal lesions.

As also emerged from other studies, LED irradiation is able to upregulate the expression and homeostasis of fibronectin, type I collagen and periostin, with the relative tissue repair, accelerating the re-attachment process. of the periodontium.

The stimulation of tissue regeneration through the activation of stem cells is one of the fundamental characteristics of red and infrared light.

According to the “theory of the soil”, by putting in place the functionality of the tissues, we also reduce the inflammatory loop and bacterial overgrowth, strictly connected to cell degradation.

Obviously it would be better to prevent with photobiomodulation when you are healthy or at most starting from a simple gingivitis, a condition much more easily reversible, in which the light treatment, supported by a natural product for oral hygiene (such as Blancodent) could make a difference without further invasive and painful interventions.

Prometheus, the device for the luminous treatment of the oral cavity, boasts both the use of blue light (16 LEDs with whitening and antibacterial effect), and that of red light (16 LEDs), which reduces inflammation and stimulates regeneration of the tissues, restoring their homeostasis.

Let us remember for the umpteenth time that NO it is at all EQUAL to other inexpensive devices with a similar shape, which use only a few blue light LEDs to activate whitening gels full of nanoparticles, able to penetrate all the tissues of the body causing chronic inflammation and from which the body struggles to free itself.

Those are devices that are worth a few cents, are purely adjuvants to treatment with chemicals (the main core business of those who propose them) and have nothing to do with phototherapy-photobiomodulation.



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