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November 9, 2022

The sovereign hypothesis of some leaders of the "dissident counter-information" is that the alleged mRNA, contained in the magic sera inoculated to millions of people around the planet, is able to modify the human genome, the DNA!

Let's analyze the perspective of the famous Dr. McCullough and his other colleagues [1]:

“The integration of the genetic code of RNA viruses into the host's DNA, once thought to be a rare or even impossible phenomenon, is now recognized as probable. The insertion mechanism mediated by the Long Interspersed Nuclear Element (LINE) -1 implies that many viral RNAs (in addition to retroviral ones) can be inversely transcribed and thus incorporated in a stable way into DNA. "

As we have been saying for more than 2 years, thanks to the fabulous work of Stefan Lanka, Tom Cowan, Andrew Kaufman, Mark and Samantha Bailey and many others (look on our website, on the Telegram channel and read "The Myth of contagion" and "Breaking the Spell ”), we have understood that virology is the biggest scam of humanity that does not respect the canons of the scientific method.

So, how do we distinguish the genetic material of an entity that has never been shown to exist due to the lack of scientifically isolated isolation from human genetic material, since a large amount of RNA is produced such as response to a plethora of environmental stresses? Furthermore, DNA, boasted as monolithic and predictive, is in turn changeable and probably appointed to perform other functions than those proposed by geneticists up to now ... [2] If no one proves the existence of viruses, the whole discussion immediately loses the logical sense, and circular reasoning cannot keep the house of cards standing in the eyes of those who have a true overview. Here we are talking about alleged mechanisms vitiated by cognitive biases that blindly embrace the viral hypothesis instead of questioning it according to the very definition of Science with a capital S.

"Recombination between exogenous non-retroviral RNA and endogenous retroviral sequences has been described leading to reverse transcription and ultimately integration of the resulting cDNA into the host genome."

How can the presumed exogenous and endogenous RNA be recognized if they are not isolated and unequivocally distinguished? What if the genetic material allegedly "Exogenous" was actually endogenous, and therefore already part of the host?

"Recent data show that SARS-CoV-2 RNA sequences can be transcribed into DNA and actively integrated into the genome of affected human cells, with the mediation of retrotransposons."

Again, if no one has ever isolated the alleged pathogen, how can it be said that the RNA sequences are transcribed into the DNA?

"Integration of a large fraction of SARS-CoV-2 sequences and subsequent generation of human SARS-CoV-2 chimeric transcripts has been demonstrated in samples of SARS-CoV-2 infected patients."

The usual gimmicky PCR test trick, etc. etc. we have been talking about for two years on our Telegram channel. If no one has isolated the alleged virus, there is no real SARS-CoV-2 sequence, which remains a computer-created supercazz. Subsequently, primers produced according to this imaginary sequence can draw random endogenously produced genetic material. The trick here is even more obvious, because if the elusive sequence mixes pieces of human origin, and consequently the primers are designed to "to fish" pieces of RNA created starting from the computer library, here is the most logical connection: the tests find sequences produced by our body as a response to environmental insults, and here the researchers acclaim the elusive "transcription".

“This review explores the potential role of motile genetic elements in the etiopathogenesis of neurological, cardiovascular, immunological and oncological diseases and the possibilities of human DNA interference by SARS-CoV-2 infection and vaccination. Vulnerable germ cells, tumor cells and neurons can presumably all be targets of abnormal mRNA integration, especially in senescent cells and which show greater LINE-1 activity than younger ones. "

PROBLEM 1: The alleged "infection" is based on a phony test which in turn is based on a sequence created on a computer from scratch, without having any real viral isolation available (with the same admission as the father of the test, Christian Drosten and his "Snack companions" [3], "employees" own of "Uncle Billo" coincidentally), therefore existing only in the minds of virstars. Therefore, nothing can be said about the causal link between the alleged mythological creature and the enormous set of symptoms associated with this phantom. "infection" (from cacarella to thromboembolism through a runny nose).

PROBLEM 2: Doctor Stefano Scoglio, in his book "Apandemia". From false science to the biggest scam in history ", examining the scientific literature in this regard (coming from the pharmaceutical manufacturer of the serum), demonstrates very convincingly that the presumed RNA would be unable to reach the cell nuclei.

PROBLEM 3: This vicious loop continues to fuel the terror of viruses that no one has ever proven to exist as pathogenic entities, and direct resources towards unrealistic mechanisms, while none of the rumors "Alternatives", apart from La Quinta Columna, talks about graphene.
According to what emerged from the analyzes of some doctors, biologists, chemists, etc., and brilliantly explained by Ricardo Delgado, it seems that there is probably not even RNA in the serum, but only graphene oxide, carbon nanotubes and other self-assembling biotechnological material.
Then it could also be possible (by now we are no longer surprised at anything) that a sample containing RNA was used for the studies (which are in any case self-referential and conducted by the pharmaceutical manufacturers themselves ... by the way, do not feel foolish to believe the judgment of a wine given by the host?) while the production batches contain only graphene oxide and other junk, as emerged from the laboratory analyzes of various researchers around the world (Spain, England, New Zealand, etc ...).

PROBLEM 4: Even if mRNA reaches some cell nucleus, it cannot in any way change the entire human genetic makeup, and probably the cells. "Go crazy" they would go into apoptosis. The body has excellent feedback mechanisms.

"The mRNA encoding the SARS-CoV-2 spike glycoprotein in vaccines has been carefully engineered to increase the stability and translation efficiency of the spike protein, thereby avoiding the normal pathways of mRNA degradation."

No studies have ever shown that whey produces the phantom protein "Spike"... As Dr. Cowan says, this would be the first proof that the FDA and all the world bodies should have asked the producers, as it is logical ... Of a disarming transparency.

“This could increase the potential for genomic integration. If this were to happen, the anticipated consequences would entail serious potential risks to human health that need to be clarified. Conclusions: Further toxicity assessments are urgently needed to quantify the potential emergence of interference with canonical DNA processes that could have a negative impact on the mRNA vaccinated population. "

This will be hardly demonstrable, and will lead to unnecessary legal battles while a flock of Boeotians will have already made their fiftieth anniversary. "booster" in the name of sciencehhh.
If, on the other hand, the madness of the viral hypothesis and all the annexes stops, the need to inoculate anything to protect oneself from an imaginary entity (like a unicorn), will melt like snow in the sun.
Very easy, fast and painless, why complicate your life?

The study goes on with the hypothesis of prions and other things we have already discussed ... The atom breaks apart but the elephant escapes.

We recommend following Quinta Columna, Dr. Lanka, Cowan, the Baileys, etc… and we are obviously open to change our minds in the face of real evidence validated by the trappings of the true scientific method and not mere hypotheses.

THE MYTH OF THE CONTAGION. Last copies, then it will no longer go to reprint.


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