INSOMNIA (Food and Integration Guru vs. LIGHT TRAINER. There is no story!).

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July 15 2019

(Food and supplement guru vs. LIGHT TRAINER. There is no story).

Client: i have insomnia what can i do?


GURU OF FOOD AND INTEGRATION (under an avalanche of blue light): your insomnia is due to excess cortisol due to electromagnetic waves and blue light (who knows where you heard it). When you have high cortisol then you need to avoid the "insulin carbohydrates" and take a few tons of melatonin, obviously what I produce ... Maybe even another supplement for stress. They work well because they contain a nanoparticle called "silicon dioxide" which for our bureaucrats of the Ministry of Health is an inert and instead causes intestinal permeability and makes the molecule pass quickly into the circulation ... Do you think that Official Medicine invents many strange stories and drugs that they mimic melatonin but ultimately do the same thing. Incredible contradiction!

CLIENT: but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't this melatonin ... But I have to take more and more melatonin to sleep ...

GURU OF FOOD AND INTEGRATION: mah! It will be genetic, it even reaches 20-30 mg, fuck the limits imposed by the Ministry of Health which are only 1 mg.

LIGHT TRAINERS: your insomnia is due to excess cortisol due to electromagnetic waves and blue light and ALSO an incorrect diet. So you have to control the light in which you live in your environment from morning to evening, reconnect to Nature with these modalities (without changing your habits too much), expose yourself regularly to the sun with these modalities, quickly restore an optimal state of vitamin D and then suspend with regular exposure to the sun, follow a gluten and casein-free diet consisting of real food rich in healthy fats, possibly evaluate the most restrictive form of the Diet According to Nature, the PKD to be followed cyclically with these modalities…. use blue blocker glasses in this way, in artificially lit environments ... NEVER use sun creams, at most this cream of my invention, with only antioxidants ... In the evening use soft red lights ... Connect as often as possible to Nature with earthing and other biohacking . Occasionally use the WI-FI with these methods, the mobile phone with these methods. The bedroom must be protected in these ways. On weekends do these simple things ... You can evaluate the purchase of a photobiomodulation lamp but with these characteristics that combine function, radiating power and price ... Zero flicker effect ... And a radiant power double / triple / quadruple of any other 30 lamp cents per diode on the market.
No probiotics that have now proven their failure on all fronts. At work, follow these routines to lower your stress levels.
VERY IMPORTANT! Eat twice a day, both meals not far from each other and in these ways ...
Outdoor sports in these ways.

CLIENT: but can't I do as the food and supplement guru says? I take 20-30 pills and do it first ...

LIGHT TRAINERS: in moments of "crisis" you could also do it, but know that it has to be a temporary solution and that the sooner you get rid of it the better because it reacts in the eye with dopamine and you absolutely must have it produced by your fucking pineal, read these articles of this arrogant blogger (

CLIENT: but the GURU OF FOOD AND INTEGRATION says that official medicine knows the causes but then gives the wrong solutions. What do you think about it?

LIGHT TRAINERS: in this case the GURU OF FOOD AND INTEGRATION is absolutely right. But that's EXACTLY what he and all the other "evolutionary" Doctors / Biologists do too, and for the reasons I explained above. That is: he knows the causes of your insomnia, but, instead of eliminating / mitigating / hacking them, he bypasses them exactly as does the Official Medicine that criticizes them. Furthermore, it is not true that exogenous melatonin is not a drug as he claims, in fact in the literature there are cases of even serious adverse effects. If you then put the nanoparticles inside… So let's talk about CONTRADICTIONS IN CONTRADICTIONS. Or contradictions to the cube!

CLIENT: I prefer to take 20 pills !!!! You are nobody, he has millions of fans! I worship him as a God on earth!

LIGHT TRAINERS: no problem, like you, 99% of people prefer shortcuts that can turn out to be a boomerang in the long run. Do whatever you like.



Good day everyone.
Angelo Rossiello.

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