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April 28 2019

Evolution's mad engineers have seen the light ... Someone will now wonder, but now do they even hear voices?
With this article, I will try to respond to criticism constructively:

1) Have we completely drunk our brains?

2) Is this story of light getting out of hand?

3) Have we become flat-earthers?

So let's go hand in hand.

What is light?

The standard definition of light places it as a 'portion of the electromagnetic spectrum', which may or may not be visible to the human eye, depending on the wavelength.
Electromagnetic fields are physical entities that carry energy, according to Planck's law:
E = h * f, where h is Planck's constant and f is the frequency of the oscillation.
Hence, the energy associated with the electromagnetic wave is proportional to its frequency: the more the frequency increases (the wavelength decreases), the greater the energy transported.

You see that it starts from the minor frequencies (radio waves) and reaches cosmic rays, passing through visible light (from 400 to 700 nm approximately).

What is this preamble for?

It serves to underline that what we commonly call 'light' is nothing more than a portion of a much larger entity: electromagnetism, which has a FUNDAMENTAL role in the universe.
And it is the force that has allowed LIFE: therefore, how can biology and medicine transcend it? Pure human madness as usual!

This was already understood by the great biologist of Hungarian origin Albert Szent Gyorgyi:
"Biology fails to understand the basis of vital functions because it focuses its attention on molecules by separating them from two matrices: water and the electromagnetic field".

The 'orthodox' biologists and biochemists limit themselves to studying what reactions occur in our body on the texts, without wondering how it is possible that they occur.
At this point, only the 'heretics' can come to our rescue.
Why, even knowing the molecules of which we are composed and the biochemical reactions that take place in our organism, are we unable to reproduce life from scratch? What are we missing?
Gurwitsch, in 1912, had already intuited that in order to understand life, it was necessary to solve the problem of 'biological morphogenesis', since the chemical reactions that occur in living beings do not a priori contain a spatial and temporal organization.
For this reason, more than a century ago, the most intelligent researchers were looking for the so-called 'morphogenetic fields', that is, a law that embraced all 3 levels of biological organization: molecular, cellular and morphological.
They soon realized that one of the 4 fundamental forces of the universe was responsible for the organization of living systems: "Electromagnetism".

Lakhovsky was the first to treat cancer with electromagnetic waves, generating a spectrum from 750 KHz to 300 THz. Lund's conclusion, later, based on decades of work on the bioelectrical potentials of plants and animals, were in line with Burr's findings: “The organization of living systems is determined by electrodynamic fields, which organize behavior and orientation of the various components ".

But then, the question arises:
Why has all this continued to be ignored, also in light of the fact that even in science fiction films, electromagnetism is used to create life? Have you ever seen Frankenstein?
Therefore, food indeed offers an energetic substrate, ie carbon atoms that can be 'burned' to produce energy, but without an adequate space-time organization of reactions, life would not be possible; a piece of burning coal is not comparable to a 'life'.
Among other things, water is the necessary medium for combustion, even for coal; in fact, without a minimum level of humidity, the reaction cannot take place.
Did they teach us this in school? No!

Next step: are we just thermal machines, therefore describable by classical thermodynamics, or something different?
The efficiency of a heat engine, i.e. the percentage of energy that is transformed from heat into work, according to the Carnot principle, must be lower than the maximum temperature variation of the system, divided by the temperature at which it receives the heat.

Carnot's theorem (thermodynamics) and its application in biology (quantum).

How then can we be comparable to thermal machines, given that our body works in such a narrow temperature range?
According to this principle, our performance should be less than 1%, while studies have shown that it is more than 65-70%.
So, something is wrong: either the Carnot principle is wrong, or we are not thermal machines ...
The second option is obviously the right one.

In fact, the molecules of which we are composed do not act independently as happens in a thermal machine, whose behavior can be described by a statistical 'average' of molecular kinetic energy, but behave like a 'dance body' (cit . E. Del Giudice), which dances in unison to the rhythm of a symphony created by the electromagnetic field.
Simply put, living things are entities governed by quantum coherence.
There is a critical energy, supplied to one or a few collective modes of vibration, resulting in a phase transition relative to a large degree of large-scale organized order, in which atoms and molecules move coherently, according to a few degrees of freedom.

Living beings absorb electromagnetic waves from the environment and in turn produce biophotons, capable of creating an organization and an inter and intra cellular hierarchical structure, and of communicating with other living beings.
After all, how do we communicate? How do we talk to a friend of ours who lives on the other side of the globe, if not through electromagnetic waves?
With telecommunication systems, we have not invented anything new, only copied from what happens in nature.

For example, Fröhlich suggested that electromagnetic waves in a range ranging from 100 to 1000 GHz can be generated by strong fluctuations in the electric field of cell membranes and the rouleaux formation of erythrocytes (Rowlands et al., 1981, Rowlands, 1982 , Sewchand and Rowlands, 1983), where the adhesion of cells with the same charge can only be explained by a pairing of entities that oscillate in a coherent way.

In short, the force of attraction that is generated when two atoms or molecules oscillate in a coherent way, is able to overcome the electrostatic repulsion force between particles with the same charge.
Coherence implies stability and predictability of the wave phase. Waves are in phase if their peaks coincide in space and time.
Therefore, the waves are coherent if they have the same frequency, and the phase difference is constant.
The most significant example is the laser, light that has a high degree of space-time coherence.
In this regard, we can say that living beings are a kind of laser that takes energy from the environment to maintain coherence.

So where do the electromagnetic fields that organize life come from?

Whenever we have a variation of charge and current, there is a consequent fluctuation of the electric field and of the associated magnetic field, and every temporal variation of the magnetic field translates into a spatial variation of the electric field and vice versa. Since the electric field and the magnetic field are coupled, they form the electromagnetic field.
In practice, any oscillation involving charges acts as an electromagnetic field generator.
The charge can be an electron, a proton, a nucleus, a planet or a galaxy.

The sun, then, through the reactions of nuclear fusion, provides the light necessary for life on our planet, but then another fundamental element is needed to maintain the necessary coherence: water.
Water is able to 'capture' the electromagnetic fields and organize the fundamental reactions according to a precise space-time sequence.

So in the end, the science that studies life at a deeper level is quantum electrodynamics, which deals with the interaction between field and matter.
It is therefore a question of understanding how the fields organize the molecular 'dance' that leads to life.
At a subatomic level, matter not only interacts with the electromagnetic field, but is substantially composed of it.

Here, matter does not exist with certainty in a well-defined place, but rather shows a certain probability of existing. The so-called wave function, once 'measured' by the observer, that is, by the environment in which we live, collapses into a local entity, and in doing so, reveals its corpuscular nature (wave-particle duality).
The particle is a local condensation of the underlying field, a concentration of energy that comes and goes.
We can therefore say that 'we are creatures of light', without being immediately accused of being shamans, conspiracy theorists, flat-earthers, scoundrels, etc ...

Therefore, let's not take the Eastern vision of flowing energy so much for pissing, let's do an examination of conscience, because the only true science, that is physics, explains in an incontrovertible way the various modalities of being.
Unfortunately, our 'scientist' vision of the world, instead of 'scientific', always leads to criticizing the irrational, ignoring the fact that 'the rationalist must be in the midst of the irrational' (cit. E. Del Giudice), because the irrational is not the impossible, but what we are not yet able to explain.

The 'scientist' approach, however, designed to ban any voice out of the chorus, is perfectly functional to a dogmatic vision, perfect for maintaining the interest of the ruling class at the expense of the ignorant plebs.
The problem is that often and willingly, many figures who define themselves open and contrary to the blind vision imposed by the mainstream, themselves end up prey to this delusion, incorporating it into their thoughts and actions, without even realizing it.

(Exactly what is happening to the friends "evolutionary doctors" on whom we had placed great hopes months ago, believing them to be open and less dogmatic. Obviously, blatantly wrong. Angelo Rossiello).

Every entity, including us, cannot be seen in an 'isolated' way, but must be connected by an electromagnetic coupling, like a standing wave 'frozen' in space-time, according to the wave-particle duality.
In short, holistic theories are absolutely right.

How come then, medicine and dogmatic biology only focus on one part at a time?

The hyper-sectorialization of health was the biggest condemnation of medicine, a leap into obscurity and mad reductionism, unfortunately also embraced by many "alternative" figures.
Precisely the latter, thinking they have escaped from the 'trap', then apply sectoral remedies such as ignorant integration and other practices that actually mimic in all respects the approach they criticize so much.

(we are talking about wild supplements, bioidentical hormones…).

Another incredible aspect that highlights the connection and mutual-interaction between living beings and the planet is the connection between electromagnetic radiation and the energy balance of the planet.
The incident radiation is energetically higher than that re-emitted by infrared.
The solar energy carried by the photons of the UV-VIS region is highly organized (Tesar et. Al), and is coherent within an area of ​​1.9 mm2, a section that groups 100-1000 prokaryotic cells and 10-100 eukaryotic cells. The energy in this area, instead of being converted into heat, is available for the birth and maintenance of living structures.
This is a further point in favor of the holistic view, as a photon does not interact with only one atom or molecule at a time, but with a large number.
The increase in disorder (entropy, energy converted into heat) created in the process, is then released into the environment and eventually re-radiated into space in the form of infrared radiation.

To maintain an energy balance from a global point of view, the re-emitted radiation must compensate for the incident radiation supplied in the form of sunlight. The broad spectrum of solar radiation has a shorter wavelength than the re-emitted one, which lies in a narrow range of the infrared window.
According to Planck's law, as seen before, radiation at shorter wavelengths carries more energy than longer waves, so the energy flow can only be balanced by the number of 'quanta' involved, in order to maintain the order, that is, to preserve a negative entropy state; the disorder must be 'discharged'.
Our planet must 'give away' more low-energy quantities than it receives from the sun in the form of high-energy packets.
This implies that a system with a greater number of particles has a greater degree of freedom than one with a low particle density.
For the remaining complex, giving up a greater number of particles results in an increase in order; in effect, the entropy of the biosphere is kept low by the dissipated disorder (Rossi et al., 2011; Kleidon & Lorenz, 2004).

Life is an open and continuous system of reactions, capable of decreasing its entropy at the expense of the free energy taken in exchange by that degraded by the environment (Lovelock & Margulis, 1974).
The highly organized flow of radiation shapes biological systems, which in turn regulate the planet's energy flow.
Indeed, if the earth were devoid of living beings, the average surface temperature would probably be a few hundred degrees higher (Sagan & Mullen, 1972; Lovelock, 1979; Lovelock, 1988), and the radiation re-emitted into space would be at length d 'shorter wave.
You got it right, living things provide a perfect endosymbiotic ecosystem with the planet, which we are ruining due to the manufacturing economy!

This has monstrous implications, revealing the fundamental dynamics of life as a dance troupe organizing itself via radiation entering a system, guiding movement and allowing the system to generate other waves in turn that act as 'choreographers', but not only that: this mechanism allows you to do work, a fundamental characteristic of living beings.
To recap
This 'pippone' is only a preamble to a long series of studies that we will present to disprove the one-dimensional and simplistic visions of reality.
How it could have been possible to leave out the fundamental ingredients of life is crazy, but it is even more so the fact of being liquidated in a superficial way after hundreds of proofs that support these theses in all respects.
Our molecules are like a dance body, dancing harmoniously thanks to the electromagnetic field: but what happens when the dancers go out of sync? What happens when the choreographer goes crazy or is disturbed?

The answer is very simple: ILLNESS.

From the point of view of quantum electrodynamics, the disease is nothing more than the loss of coherence of the organism.
Indeed, cancer cells emit incoherent biophotons.
How can harmony and synchronization be restored?
Through appropriate biohacking techniques, which professional figures expert in physics and engineering can develop: thus the figure of the LIGHT TRAINER.

  • So, is the light trainer simply a figure invented by two miserable failed engineers, or the profession of the future?
  • Should we continue to talk only about food, supplements and hormones, or is it our duty to embrace a broader vision, called 'heretically' holistic, to achieve superior health, spirituality and awareness?
  • Should this work be the sole prerogative of one-dimensional caste orders or must it holistically embrace various professional figures?

If you've read this article right, I don't need to answer these questions for you.
Stay entangled!

Alessio Angeleri


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