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March 15 2023

Endothelial dysfunction is characterized by a reduction in the generation of nitric oxide or by an unbalanced distribution of the relaxing and contracting pressures produced by the endothelial cells1.

This also happens when we age “healthily”.

It was once thought that the endothelium was nothing more than a mechanical barrier. Today it is recognized as a tissue that regulates tone, cell formation, contact between leukocytes, thrombocytes and arterial walls. The pathophysiological pathways underlying endothelial dysfunction are of great interest and researchers have been working for years to understand what they are and how they affect diabetes, psoriasis, inflammatory bowel disease, hypertension, heart failure, renal failure, inflammation, stroke, atherosclerosis and oxidative stress. Inflammatory activation and endothelial dysfunction are important processes in the progression and pathogenesis of atherosclerosis. Endothelial dysfunction in psoriasis patients with arterial hypertension is thought to be caused by impaired action of arginine metabolism, revealed by decreased nitric oxide bioavailability and a high degree of inactivation and oxidative dynamics. Some common strategies to increase nitric oxide availability are based on pharmacological interventions, supplements, etc.

Instead of focusing on drugs and supplements, it is much better to rely on Nature and use UVA radiation.
In addition to NO production mediated by nitric oxide synthase (NOS) enzymes, UV radiation can trigger the formation of NO in the skin regardless of enzyme activity (this is why the elders of hunter-gatherer tribes have fitness comparable to a young person), through a mechanism that includes the decomposition of photoreactive nitrogen oxides2.

UVA radiation (320-400 nm)3, through the production of NO, is able to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow. The magnitude of these effects is sufficient to have important cardiovascular benefits and possibly reduce the risk of stroke. These changes are not associated with an increase in vitamin D levels (induced by UVB radiation), nor are they due to an increase in skin or heart temperature during irradiation. Thoroughly controlled studies in human subjects provide compelling evidence that irradiating the skin with UVA rays has tangible benefits to the cardiovascular system.

NO can be produced enzymatically in the skin from a family of nitric oxide synthases, some of which are constitutively expressed and one of which is inducible. There are also chemical deposits in the skin, including nitrite and other as yet incompletely characterized molecules, that can break down to produce NO. In one study, forearm blood flow remained elevated in UVA-irradiated groups compared with the control group, despite the presence of a NO synthase inhibitor. Assuming that changes in blood pressure and blood flow are part of the same response, and although this cannot exclude a partial role, the enzymatic activity does not seem to fully explain the effects induced by UVA rays that have been observed experimentally.

The researchers therefore propose that UVA-induced photolysis of NO deposits in the skin is the main source of this compound critical to our health.
Previous studies have shown that there are biologically significant chemical deposits of NO in the skin, which can be released from these reserves by UVA irradiation. In support of their hypothesis, the scientists used a fluorescent probe that detects NO to demonstrate that UVA induces NO production in the epidermis with a time course fast enough to be consistent with involvement in blood pressure and blood flow effects. . The enzyme inhibitor's inability to block this rapid NO production is consistent with its inability to inhibit the effects of UVA on blood flow. This suggests that chemical stores are the primary source of NO liberated from UVA.
UVA-induced photolysis of NO deposits in the skin could be responsible for more than 80% of blood NO, suggesting that this could be primarily responsible for seasonal and latitudinal changes in its circulating levels and blood pressure.

Therefore, thanks to exposure to UVA rays, it is possible to regulate nitric oxide levels in a natural way regardless of enzymatic activity, bypassing any problems connected to it and solving the problem of the dosage of any supplements, given that our body works with very delicate bio-feedback mechanisms, which can be easily disrupted by an intrinsically "ignorant" integration.

Our MARS, VENUS and MERCURIUS flagship lamps have a perfect balance between narrowband UVB and broadband UVA radiation, so as to naturally regulate the production of vitamin D and nitric oxide within the peculiar physiological levels of the characteristics individual.



The "medicine of light" is the future, because contrary to the reductionist approaches of conventional and functional medicine, it uses natural regulation mechanisms set by millions of years of evolution regulated by exposure to the sun.

Contrary to what the gurus of food and wild supplementation say, the only way to have control over what happens in the body is to follow Nature…And not your wallet!


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