Editorial by Angelo Rossiello: considerations on electrosmog.

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October 1, 2018

The era we live in could be known, in a century, as "The Era of Wild Technology". We are immersed in electrosmog with the difference that, unlike air pollution smog, it cannot be seen!

Are you an electronics enthusiast? Of mobile phones? Of ultra-fast connections?

Probably all of these tools could one day be compared to cigarette smoking. Public awareness on this issue is likely to be below 5% due to the scrutiny of the mainstream media.

At the beginning of the century they poisoned us with mercury ... And they told us it was harmless, then they made us believe that cigarettes were healthy ... Then with asbestos they caused massacres and a lot of suffering among families ...

Eventually, however, everyone on this planet will know once and for all how they have been fooled into believing that nnEMFs (non-native magnetic waves, i.e. alien to those emitted naturally by the Earth and the sun) are harmless.

Editorial by Angelo Rossiello: WELCOME TO THE HELL OF 5G.

And the other 95% prefer not to think about it, partly out of ignorance, partly because they are ADDICTED to it ...

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome is the invisibility of this damage.

EMF meters are a sensitization method: imagine if every 10 people walking in a city street there were one with a magnetic wave meter and that would show others what they are doing ... Invisibility would be much more visible to all.

Many non-smokers complain about cigarette smoke because they see it, while we all accept the invisible electrosmog that surrounds most of the public areas, for example with devices that emit microwaves (in mobile phones in hand or in pocket), WIFI emitters, control units… There are those who oppose this proliferation of polluting EMF technology and support the health and safety that could be compromised with the proliferation of nnEMFs.

Editorial by Angelo Rossiello: the hell of 5 G (bis), devastating effects on public health

Dear friends not accustomed to the basics of biophysics, you can continue to choose optimistically for the use of invasive technology and in fact take the side of Industry and Government who wish to maintain the status quo while keeping the majority of people in the dark as much as possible. as long as possible.

All the statistics relating to metabolic diseases are constantly growing, you will see what will happen with 5G ...

When the conscious public reaches or exceeds 20% of the awareness threshold, the problem will enter public opinion and then a wider "battle" will ensue. A battle that will be fought with complaints, defamations ... Exactly as we are seeing for food (example of Adriano Panzironi and his life120 method).

Governments are short-lived and will do whatever it takes to keep public spending on the huge chunk of the market, since financial forecasts have already been designed years in advance.

Governments and industry will do exactly what it is doing now with vaccines… Forcing the choices, which are not even theirs. See what happened with our minister Giulia Grillo, also VOTED to remove the mandatory nature of vaccines ...

Only when the damage is manifest and undeniable, exactly as happened with cigarette smoke, asbestos, mercury ... will they take a step back and the new governments will take the credit for a change of political direction.

In the meantime, what to do? What do you want to do? ... It is not that there is so much to do, just a defensive tactic with a minimum of awareness and without believing in the effectiveness of all those devices on the market that promise to eliminate electromagnetic waves, because they mitigate them as much as possible.

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Good day everyone.
Senigallia, on 25/9/2019

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