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August 28 2018

Fruit, this beloved, then mistreated, then ...

We have always eaten fruit since man has existed on earth ...

What's the problem with fruit? It is simply that it is no longer the ancestral fruit… Period.

It is a fruit obtained by genetic modifications (I take the seed of the largest fruit, then the seed of the largest fruit, or the cutting ...), in a few years I get bigger, sweet and juicy fruit ...

Just take a trip to the supermarket, oranges the size of melons, apples ditto. Pears that look like zucchini ...

40 years ago they did not exist in my day, my mother made me orange juice which was undrinkable so sour ...

Therefore, most fruits are chock full of fructose ...

charles polyquin is the world's largest recognized expert on the Second Nature diet and training. What does it say about fructose?

From the 2007 year-end issue of the late (not all) Olympian's News.

"LIMIT THE INTAKE OF FRUCTOSE. High amounts of fructose can slow down thyroid function and increase glycation. In layman terms glycation is a roasting. It is a cross-linking of proteins (and DNA molecules) caused by sugar aldehydes which react with amino acids on the protein molecule creating end products of advanced glycosylation (AGE). If you want to see the cross ligation in action, cut an apple in half and watch it darken! Very few people understand that glucose can oxidize. Why is fructose the worst glycation agent? Because it doesn't increase insulin. In other words, insulin does not carry it to the muscle cells. So he sticks around making metabolic disasters. Robert Crayhon: Fructose is like the guest who doesn't go home when the party is over. Crayhon recommends do not eat more than 5-10gr. Of fructose a day! For very active ones, 20gr. Fructose is the maximum intake. Among the worst sources of fructose and glycation are diet bars that contain high fructose corn syrup !!! To check glycation levels, measure glycated hemogliobin in the blood. In England, a study found it to be one of the best tests for predicting mortality. Much better than cholesterol, blood pressure and body mass indica ”.

I don't know if it's clear! Let's talk about a maximum of one or two fruits a day ...
I don't know if it's clear!

And whoever eats a lot of fruit, because the expert on duty or the state TV says so ... He is a gullible idiot.
Maybe by the sea ... Fruit by the sea ... Urban legends!
But better a nice round of baked pasta, called Neapolitan style!

This fruit story that not everyone gets along with creates problems.

Apart from the glycation of which we have no perception, the liver accumulates fructose and in the long run the phenomenon of "fatty liver" is triggered (even the one without any perception). Others (more fortunate) have intestinal problems with "meteorism" as it ferments. There are even people who believe that meteorism is healthy !!!
I instantly ban them idiots like that.

In confirmation of what Poliquin says, the great one comes to our aid Robert Lustig which tells us that fructose is alcohol without the "intoxicating" effect ... In fact, the harmful effects are already seen at the "liver" level. THU

An excess of fructose is then linked to the production of triglycerides which are linked to inflammation ...

Ethanol metabolism: triglycerides and obesity (and alcoholic fatty liver)!

Fructose metabolism: triglycerides and obesity (and non-alcoholic fatty liver)!

But let's get to the "best" news ...

There are obviously ancient fruits that are less loaded with fructose ... Excellent in particular for those who play sports or do not have to lose weight.

In the head the figs ... I eat at least 5-6 a day when it is season. During and after training. I stop on my bike and pick them up and eat them while pedaling… A terrific supplement… They are sweet but are low in total sugar compared to other fruits!

Figs have been so demonized by the mainstream that people leave them in the trees !!!

The great article by prof. cordain, promising

Apples of ancient varieties ... Like the annurche.

A handful of berries. Ripe banana contains more glucose (the unripe one from intestinal problems, everything comes back), dried fruit… Dates, dried figs, raisins in great moderation!

Even the watermelon, although not really a fruit, but a cucurbitacea, is quite rich in fructose, EYE!
There are people who eat a ton of it in the summer thinking that it "hydrates" ... It hydrates their demented brain ...

Finally we can talk about seasonality. This is trivial we all get there.

Also watch out for honey which makes the daily fructose quota reach very quickly ...

Many say they eat fruit alone (between meals) which has shorter digestion times than the rest of the food.
I don't know how to give indications in this regard. I believe that when there are digestive problems it is more a sign of dysbiosis. But do your tests as well. You could still eat it at the beginning of the meal, contrary to usual.

Others say not to mix the various types of fruit, especially if they are acidic or basic ... I could also agree on this as a principle. To be safe, I never mix anything like fruit.

These last 2 points, however, are urban legends, there is no evidence on the matter. At least I haven't found any.

Fruit also has another problem: the deuterium. All plants contain deuterium which slows down mitochondrial function.

So what to do in general?

  1. eat it in the summer WITHOUT EXAGGERATING, only seasonal fruits containing mostly glucose
  2. limit it even more in spring and autumn
  3. eliminate it almost completely in winter, thus approaching a low carb.
  4. alternate short or long fasts with intelligence and instinct

As logic dictates: Make a Life According to Nature, which supports a Diet According to Nature... Spring, summer and autumn you have much more opportunity to be in contact with nature and in the sun with the longest days. So you can better manage deuterium without depriving yourself of the right seasonal sweetness, polyphenols, vitamins, soluble fiber ...
In winter, on the other hand, you must and can sleep much more with longer nights and with cold weather.


In conclusion, do as the fuck you like. I don't give a chip; but buy the book LIVING ACCORDING TO NATURE and come to PALEOMEETING of 30 September 2018.

I am waiting for you all to hug you!

Good day everyone.

Senigallia there, 21 August 2018.

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