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August 12 2019

Circadian biology is so fundamental to sleep, health and prevention that when the various gurus understand it it will always be too late… I have shown in an endless series of articles that it is more important than all macro or micronutrient counts. The blogosphere is in fact almost exclusively linked to food, relationships with macronutrients and physical exercise. It is a fact that our Neolithic mind focuses on the secondary things and leaves out the primary ones. This article will show you why you should consider changing your perspective on things related to what you eat. What we are designed to eat is the answer to where to find our health permanently. When we choose to deal only with food despite our biological imprintig being set on the solar and lunar cycles, then inexorable disease arrives; sickness or bad feelings tend to grow and cause confusion for the patient / client. The best way to fix this is REASON. I would like you to think about the message your Neolithic mind is able to deliver to your Paleolithic genome EVERY DAY.

The reason health goes to hell is that gurus cannot understand and therefore cannot explain the effect of the environment we live in on the mitochondrial genome; on the rapidly evolving epigenetic program that is truly the master sculptor in (quantum) biology. Most of us are completely unaware of this biological mismatch.
Who among you doesn't love your home? He considers it a safe place ... Risk-free and welcoming ...
Instead it is not quite so ,,,

The various gurus, despite having been reading my posts imbued with this new paradigm for at least 2-3 years, continue to think in a contradictory and monothematic way. Even some hate me because I make fun of them good-naturedly… But never anyone who has ever been able to scientifically reply to my posts and articles. And this is amazing !!!

I believe this intangible factor underlies much of what currently afflicts most of humanity today. The reason is pretty simple… melatonin controls the efficiency of autophagy and apoptosis in the human mitochondrial genome. Understanding this is like understanding the mechanism to almost all human chronic diseases ...

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