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July 31 2022

I had already highlighted the excess of mortality from all causes in Spain in this article just a month ago, but new eloquent data show a much worse situation and an important new "player" ...


The excess of mortality updated by the MOMO data (Spanish official body) rises in a brutal way to well: 15.300 deaths from all causes.

As if they had dropped a mini phosphorus bomb on a town like Jesi in the province of Ancona, killing almost all the inhabitants.

These are all slides I took from JOSE GEFAELL's twitter profile

This slide shows the excess mortality in the months of May-June-July from 2015 to today, bearing in mind that the data for July 2022 are still partial.

The histogram speaks for itself. There is no need for any comment.

But the much more interesting thing is the following:

The deaths attributed to the heat are a disproportionate number: 6000 in 2022 compared to laughable numbers in past years, except in 2015, a year in which, however, they were significantly lower than 2022 (always bearing in mind that the month of July 2022 is still partial).

However, the WHO declares a planetary emergency for a disease such as monkeypox which in Spain at the moment has caused only 2 deaths out of almost 4000 cases. Worse still, journalists speak and pontificate only about this ...

In my house it is simply called misdirection aimed at diverting attention to much more serious things.

The famous elephant in the room that everyone pretends not to see ..


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