Does it command more food or sleep / environment?

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March 22 2019

IT HAS BEEN KNOWN FOR MANY YEARS ... BUT ... Are you in control of food or sleep anymore?

Message to the food and calorie gurus:

Loss of sleep can change your energy intake and expenditure. This study aimed to understand whether sleep restriction could affect the effect of the reduced calorie diet on weight loss.

For this purpose, the good researchers have designed a randomized crossover study with two periods and in two different conditions.
The study was carried out with all the trappings in a university clinical research center and sleep laboratory, unfortunately under artificial lights.

10 non-smoking overweight adults (3F / 7M); mean (SD) age 41 (5) years; body mass index 27,4 (2,0) kg / m2.

14 days of moderate calorie limitation with 8,5 or 5,5 hours of night sleep.

Primary: loss of fat and lean body mass. Secondary: changes in substrate utilization, energy expenditure, hunger and 24-hour metabolic hormone concentrations.

Reduction in sleep reduced the fraction of weight lost as fat by 55% (1,4 vs 0,6 kg with 8,5 vs 5,5 hours of sleep, P = 0,043) and increased loss of lean body mass. 60% (1,5 vs. 2,4 kg, P = 0,002). This was accompanied by markers of improved neuroendocrine adaptation to calorie restriction, increased hunger, and a shift in relative substrate utilization towards oxidation of less fat.

The amount of human sleep contributes to the maintenance of fat-free body mass (lean mass) in times of reduced energy intake. Lack of sufficient sleep can compromise the effectiveness of typical dietary interventions for weight loss and the related reduction in metabolic risk.



The effect of sleep on body fat is becoming clearer. Both too much and too little sleep can make you fat.



These two studies of 10 years ago should have already opened their eyes to the various gurus of food and the calculation of calories that the light in which we live commands and certainly not the food which is a completely secondary element ...
Calculation of calories which from this point of view really becomes an absurd and ridiculous exercise.
Note that if you sleep less ... Counter-intuitively you lose less fat and A LOT OF LEAN MASS!
Do you know what implications these data can have for serious sportsmen and professionals?

Friends who love the calculation of calories please do us a favor, throw your sophisticated tools in the garbage together with the excel sheets with your useless dietary plans by the milligram.

Furthermore, when I propose you to read my book, do not answer me that "you already sleep very well", because in all cases this does not correspond to the truth if you live immersed in artificial lights in the evening in particular and do not lead a LIFE ACCORDING TO NATURE. Yours is just a trivial perception of sleeping well.
A famous doctor who told me the same thing, that is, that he didn't need the book because he slept well, showed, following my protocol, that he slept an extra 30 minutes of REM phase (total hours slept unchanged) ... You know what this means ?
An infinitely higher quality of life! INFINITELY!

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