55 years old, engineer. Owner and editor of the blog Evolilità.it, a beautiful daughter, former cyclist and triathlete agonist with some appreciable results. Co-author of the book “The New Living According to Nature. Nutrition, lifestyles, happiness ”together with Alessio Angeleri. Author of the best-seller “Insomnia. The Evil of the New Century ". He brought the biohacking in Italy and is particularly expert in the manipulation of light for health purposes, that is a light-trainer, a professional figure who works on people, houses, offices, gyms ... A profession he invented. Holder of the project (UV / IR phototherapy, patented products) and owner of the TRUE publishing house, with which he published his latest book "Vitamin D" and that of the people he esteems.


40 years engineer, but always passionate about nutrition ed physical exercise. She started working in the industry in 2004 as nutritional consultant e fitness trainer at a food supplement store.
Achieved the Evo Trainer Master certification e postural recovery e functional, has carried out research and in-depth analysis on everything related to the evolutionary paradigm applied to health and fitness. Barefooter since 2011 and member of the Society for Barefoot Living helps and follows people who want to start barefoot hiking and barefoot running. Founding partner of SIMNE.


31 years old, naturopath e Athletic trainer. He deals with Complementary Medicine and with the whole branch concerning the well-being at 360°. Born in the fitness sector, it evolves in the ancestral world and is currently involved in research and development in the electromedical sector, specializing in the study and application of technologies Low Level Lasers and Precision Leds. He works constantly in the field of holistic-scientific dissemination, as one of the pioneers of ancestral lifestyle applied to naturopathy. Today he deals with online consultations and onsite helping hundreds of people to find their own psycho-physical balance thanks to the innumerable knowledge in the field of Integrative Medicine. AND' essay writer that tell the essential link between physical body and emotional body.

Doris Loh

Doris Loh is an independent researcher and writer specializing in the investigation of familiar and innovative health topics using unique perspectives in traditional and quantum biology. Her training of lei as a classical pianist allows her the freedom to explore concepts and theories with a curiosity that often results in distinctive conclusions. Recent works by Doris are focused on how health and disease are greatly affected by electromagnetic radiation that surround us everywhere we go. Her works di lei on EMF offer insight and solutions to the challenges humans and other living organisms face during this era of change. Major works by Doris include an in-depth series on deuterium, as well as a startling series on the birefringent quantum properties of the major REDOX balancer, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The ongoing series on COVID-19 is recognized around the world for the in-depth coverage of the disease and discussion on holistic alternatives for prevention and treatment.

Why was it evolved?

Who are the authors of Evolutionarily? We are a group of friends who met online with a common passion:

health, wellness, sport, diet ...

We propose articles in our own hand or translated by other authors of international standing that coincide with the topics cited.

We take care of health and fitness in the round. We will be able to discuss on a public forum, with the most attentive readers, some aspects of the topics covered, deepening them on the basis of our personal experiences.

The goal of the blog is to do counter information serious, presenting studies and experiences, which would hardly pass on the usual media channels.

They will almost always be chosen and presented studies and works that confirm the wholesomeness of the lifestyle that we have embraced for years now.

Therefore, dear readers, be on your guard that all that will be presented is, no ifs and buts, "of part"; albeit supported by a solid scientific basis taken from the available literature and validated by serious scientific committees.

The works will always be faithfully reproduced to the originals without details "interpretations". The attentive reader will have to form his own personal idea and never be influenced by what is written.

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