Should vitamin D be supplemented? The quantum vision. (part 1)

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June 17 2019


Vitamin D3 is just the chemical signal produced by the body after unpolarized light is captured by our skin and, in supplement form, it does not even remotely possess the power of sunlight or photons.


Taking vitamin D3 from one supplement is like trying to use another's muscles to train.

Man-made EMF (electromagnetic waves) are polarized, while natural EMFs are not.

The problem is always the same ... Food and supplement gurus are utterly incapable of wanting to understand. Unable to open-minded, perhaps unable to want to defend positions (which I personally shared until a few years ago…). And so the discussion boils down to "I don't have hohoh time to go sunbathing", then dear friend you will have to find time for something else ... But as you will read below, the problems are very different and before integrating you need to understand why, bitch Eva , we are all deficient (vitamin D, what did you understand?).
Which then seems to me the same "controversy" as "I don't have time to shop" or "I don't have money to follow paleo". EQUAL!!!!

The intensity of solar electromagnetic radiation (EMF) incident on a human body normally varies between 8 and 24 mW / cm2. This power density varies with the season, location, weather conditions, altitude, temperature, and the postcode you are in. This means that the quantum yield of sunlight is always variable and never fixed. A computer screen or phone is stuck at 5750K, which is equivalent to a signal that roughly indicates solar noon in the retina and brain 24/24 7/7. This is not normal. It leads to many biological side defects. Today, modern communication technologies have an intensity corresponding to a smartphone. Typically less than 0,2 mW / cm2. This, as we can see, is a great difference in power; and it proves that potency and intensity are not the key problem in biology.

BUT HERE'S THE POINT! (Integration guru, open your ears! Read on!).

The sun gives off much more energy than a cell phone.

The irony is that the sun is capable of increasing vitamin D3 levels, while a smartphone destroys them!

Smartphone, like all artificial light and electromagnetic waves ... And this is why the figure of the light trainer, guru or non-guru is born ... PAPER OR NON PAPER WHETHER IT IS ...

But let's get back to us and try to be serious ...

Sunlight has a powerful energy density but comes to our cells in a non-polarized state. The K + ions become polarized by the impact of sunlight in the cells which transforms the water molecules and joins them together like a colloid or plasma. Non-natural EMFs have a low power density, but their incident format is polarized. This radically affects the K + ions and "unscrews" the colloid-shaped water molecules, thus destroying the dielectric constant of the water. When vitamin D3 is affected by polarized cholesterol it cannot be sulfated at best. When this occurs, Vitamin D3 cannot be sulfated because cholesterol is the substrate it takes to produce Vitamin D3 with UV (B) stimulation from the sun. This small change due to technology ONLY leads to non-linear transformations in the blood plasma with respect to the isoforms of hydrogen and inorganic phosphorus. This physical change alters the local geometry of water molecules in cells and becomes problematic for living things that rely on water for the transfer of energy to life. This change in the water domains also changes the hydration shells around proteins (dear friends bioimpedance gurus who spend 7500 euros for a useless tool that gives false information depending on which environment we have frequented in the last hours / days, if we have sunbathed, etc ...). All of this changes the local geometry due to the respiratory proteins in the mitochondria changing in size and shape. Likewise, Earth's electric and magnetic fields, or infrared radiation on any human body at normal temperature, have significantly higher intensity and duration exposures than those of many man-made sources of electromagnetic fields.

Polarization, as mentioned, destroys the dielectric constant in water due to the effect on small atomic cations such as potassium in cells. K + is the most common cation in a cell and acts, as mentioned above, to "glue" the water into something called the exclusion zone (EZ). This EZ acts as a battery using incident light from the sun as a form of energy (I explained this at the paleomeeting in Rome, but maybe someone was distracted or I didn't explain myself well). Without this battery life cannot function properly. It is not the energy density that matters in incident light, whether it is polarized or not. Because? This is the first step in separating the water charge and allows our cells to transfer energy from the solar form to other forms that can be used by the cells.

So this leads to a different view from the classic linear one of the gurus of light supplementation and vitamin D3.


Let's go back to the original question. Can vitamin D3 be supplemented?

Sure, but the better question would be, Should we MAY also rely on what I just explained?

When light, especially UVB photons, hits our atomic lattice in the semiconductors of the skin, photons effectively become particles with a "mass" other than zero. This means that non-polarized light from the sun becomes polarized, gains mass and acquires inertia and momentum. This, coupled with inertia, is what modifies the cholesterol in another type of semiconductor so that light can capture it for transfer to the kidney for final activation.

When a photon is captured by a semiconductor it can no longer act as a wave. It must act as a particle in the semiconductor substrate. That particle is critical for making ATP from ADP and inorganic phosphorus. This is a quantum mechanical law in the photoelectric effect. When, dear pill guru, you take a vitamin D3 supplement this will NEVER happen in your cells. And this has huge implications on the surfaces of our bodies and in the blood and electron chain carriers where respiratory proteins are located. This increases the ubiquitin labeling in proteins. This explains why activated vitamin D3 is able to activate 3% of the genes in the human genome. It cannot do this if the mass, inertia or kinetic energy are not in the tissues that receive the chemical signal from a supplement (often even added with nanoparticles !!!! studies on humans always in quantum optics). When you take exogenous vitamin D3, none of these photoelectric effects occur in the atomic lattice. When your endogenous vitamin D3 level is low, it means that the water in your cells has a much lower dielectric constant than normal. This reduces the amount of sunlight you can absorb to create a union minimum EZ. Everyone seems to know that light slows down when it travels through glass or water, but no one seems to realize those interactions that must occur in our cells to finally get to the vitamin D3 signal. This is a "critical" quantum event.

In Nature we use all the different forms of waves to destroy cells (and then repair them in an endless loop). Light upsets us every day with cycles of light and dark. The unique feature of cells is that they cannot control waves so that cells built for evolution are designed to capture the waves themselves and make sense of them. Cells give humanity a truly unlimited trajectory because they are the fulcrum of nature's waves. This direction, however, can go forwards or backwards in time and is encoded by circadian clock genes and chemical signals such as vitamin D3. This is why 3% of the human genome is affected by the endogenous production of vitamin D3 which is sulphated. Unsulfated vitamin D (that of the pill or the drop) does not have an equivalent effect. The natural waves allowed in the terrestrial ecosystem that we should "ride" as surfers, push a man to greater heights and those made by man bring us back and slow down or often reverse evolution. Cells are designed to be a "collectable" repository of wisdom from nature's energy and information. That energy and information comes to the cells as waveforms.

Since our cellular design is designed to capture, collect and decrypt waves, no human should be considered intrinsically compromised as long as they live! Instead, there are environmental deficiencies that cause serious problems up to impairments and a half life or even less… Therefore, in an ideal world it would be up to the clinician to recommend the patient to hire an engineer to redesign the environment in which he lives. People react to a bad environment, long before their genome is altered. This is what the science of epigenetics and ubiquitin rates are telling us, but the modern paradigm incredibly doesn't realize it!
Even my evolutionary friends just can't make it!

I have news for you dear friends (and tattoo it with fire!):

Nothing is more paleo than the sun!

It has a history of 4,5 billion years and not 2 million years like the homo genus and its purely carnivorous diet to which we / you appeal to the sword. Every morning we are designed to jump out of bed and explode into the air by an energy BOMB. This BOMB is the sun's rays that pass through our eyes and our skin. That explosion "sulfatizes" many things in our body. After the explosion, our bodies and minds spend the rest of the day putting the pieces back together like a quantum puzzle. The mosaic of solar light bursts and collisions with atoms occur when electrons / protons and light collide in our cell membranes of our RPE and our skin.









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