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June 30 2022

Just published this pre-print that left me speechless: the so-called mRNA “vaccines” for Covid-19 had already failed across the board since December 20, 2021! You don't believe it, do you?

In this graph we see the trend of cases (COVID positivity) split by categories (boostered, unvaccinated ...)

Before going into detail, some clarifications: a preprint is a study not yet definitively published because it has not yet been subjected to a process called "Peer-review". That is, other scholars (scientific commission) check the data and the methodology and then give the OK or not for publication or ask for clarifications-modifications. I also remember that England, like Israel, was a "laboratory" of human guinea pigs well before Italy since they began mass experimentation a few weeks earlier than the beautiful country and this is not a small detail as it is. easily guessed.

However, this is an "observational" study based on official data provided by the health authorities of the UK government and therefore very hardly contestable.

The "hospitalizations"

Do you remember what they told us?

Get vaccinated to protect yourself and others

Dragons: "You do not get vaccinated, contagious, die, or make infectious and kill ...

Then the jingle changed:

if you get vaccinated you protect yourself from serious illness and death ...



There has been an increase in hospitalizations and deaths from SARS-CoV2 during the rise of the Omicron variant (B.1.1.529) in the UK despite the decrease in cases and the reasons are unclear.

NOTE: those who follow our blog or our telegram channel know very well that no virus has ever been isolated and not even these phantom variants since the beginning of the pandetruffa.


In this observational study, we analyzed SARS-CoV2 reported cases, hospitalizations and deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK. We also analyzed the variables that can influence the results. The efficacy of the vaccine was analyzed among subjects aged ≥18 years (from August 16, 2021 to March 27, 2022).


Of the total cases (n = 22.072.550), hospitalizations (n ​​= 848.911) and deaths (n = 175.070) due to COVID-19 in the UK; 51,3% of cases
n = 11.315.793), 28,8% of hospitalizations (n ​​= 244.708) and 16,4% of deaths (n = 28.659) occurred during the Omicron variant augmentation. Comparing the period from 28 February to 1 May 2022 with the previous one, at 12 weeks, we observed a significant increase in the case mortality rate (0,19% vs 0,41%; RR 2,11 [2,06-2,16 , 0,001], p <1,58) and the probability of hospitalization (3,72% vs 2,36%; RR 2,34 [2,38-0,001)]; p <23,7). Over the same period, a significant increase in cases (40,3% vs 1,70%; RR1,70 [1,71-0,001]; p <50) between ≥XNUMX years of age and
hospitalizations (39,3% vs 50,3%; RR1,28 [1,27-1,30]; p <0,001) and deaths (67,89% vs 80,07%; RR1,18 [1,16- 1,20]; p <0,001) between ≥75 years of age was observed.

ATTENTION!!!! The vaccine efficacy (VE) for the third dose was negative as of December 20, 2021

with a significantly increased rate of SARS-CoV2 hospitalizations and deaths among vaccinated;

and a small percentage of cases, hospitalizations and deaths among the unvaccinated.

Pre-existing conditions (i.e. people with other pre-existing conditions) were present in 95,6%

Of all deaths from COVID-19, various ethnic disparities, deprivation scores, and vaccination rates were found that can adversely affect hospitalization and inter-group deaths.


There is no discernible efficacy of the vaccine among the population aged ≥18 years vaccinated with the third dose since the start of the Omicron variant peak. Data on pre-existing conditions, ethnicity, deprivation score and vaccination rate disparity should be
adjusted to rate VE for hospitalizations and deaths. The increase in cases with a significant increase in hospitalizations and deaths among the elderly population during the increase of the Omicron variant underscores the need to prevent infections in the elderly regardless of vaccination status with uniform and protective protocols and screening measures

The dead"

Which confirms the trivial analysis of the data from Canada that are certainly even falsified in a MALICIOUS and therefore CRIMINAL way in favor of the "narrative" ... And maybe I'll do another article.

But the thing that upsets the most ... It is the following: despite all this it was already very clear, because they also wanted to inoculate the UNDER 18 WITH THE BLACKMAIL OF CINEMA AND SPORT putting them at risk of side effects? Why did they insist with the green pass until March 2022 and for some categories until June 15, 2022, others even December 31, 2022?
Everyone must go to trial, from principals to executors.





If you use a drug designed for a "virus" that doesn't even exist and has never been isolated, you can't expect great results ...


Daily updates on the fake pandemic!

Do you think these pandemics are real? Do you know it's all a bumblebee? Did you know that viruses are not the cause of the disease? What kind of disease is COVID then? How can we defend ourselves? How is the disease actually transmitted? How do they explain these mysteries?

THE MYTH OF THE CONTAGION you can only find it on Amazon or on our shopping thanks to the courage of the writer who published it for his very small publishing house

The update BREAKING THE SPELL describes very clearly "The control experiment" which demonstrates in an engineering way that there is nothing lethal in the air that if we breathe it we risk being intubated or even dying.

In practice: disinfecting your hands only serves to massacre the natural microbiome of the skin and bombard itself with endocrine disruptors and chemicals, wearing masks is ridiculous (as well as very dangerous for health - CO2 intoxication other than global warming ...), to keep us apart it massacres our psyche, greeting us with an elbow or a fist is abominable. But above all these "Obligations" they are hateful and totally useless and potentially deadly or disabling. At least forget about the children.

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