5G & Electricty – The Lesser of Two Evils?

Scritto da Doris Loh

21 Dicembre 2019

Although I am always deeply concerned about how electromagnetic radiation (EMR) can affect our health, I also believe the human body, under the right conditions, has the capacity to protect itself against EMR to varying degrees.

The challenge faced by many in their attempt to understand the meaning of the current 5G technology deployment is further complicated by the purposeful dissemination of misinformation with only the intent to elicit sensation to increase readership. 

“5G operates in Millimeter wavelengths, and Ultra-Low wavelengths, that bypass the human defense system.. 5G wavelengths are an extension of the Lily Wave. The Lily Wave was discovered by Pioneer John C. Lily.”  This statement is quoted verbatim from a post that surfaced on Facebook at the end of October, 2019. Is there one shred of truth to that statement?

What is 5G?

5G employs millimeter waves. Millimeter waves are also known as EXTREMELY HIGH FREQUENCY (EHF) [1].  The term millimeter is used to measure wavelengths of EMR. For example, visible light is measured in nanometers, ionizing radiation like gamma rays are measured in picometers. 

The higher the frequency/energy of the EMR, the shorter the wavelength. So the opposite would be true for lower frequencies with less energy, like the famous Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz. That wavelength is 38.28 MEGAMETERS (Mm) long. One megameter is 1,000 kilometers.

5G technology uses frequencies between 3 GHz to 100 GHz [18].

The corresponding wavelength for 3 GHz to 100 GHz would be 99.93 millimeters to 2.99792458 millimeters.  Or between 1 decimeter to 2.99 millimeters.   Remember, the higher the frequency, the higher the power, the shorter the wavelength.  Therefore, 3 GHz would have a longer wavelength than 100 GHz, and also a lower energy.

Radio frequencies from navigational transmission, AM, FM radio broadcasts, television, cordless and mobile telephones, microwave ovens, satellite uplinks, microwave relays and radars all operate within the range of 3 kHz to 300 GHz only.  Theoretically, these frequencies do not carry enough energy to exert biological damages. As a result, the non-thermal effects of EMR has been a subject of intense scrutiny by science, as scientists and researchers try to understand how such low energy frequencies can be the cause of so many diseases including cancer. 

Science now believes that non-thermal effects from electromagnetic radiation can be mediated by oxidative stress generated from oxygen radicals such as superoxide anion radical, singlet oxygen , hydroxyl radical, and perhydroxyl radical, collectively known as reactive oxygen species (ROS) [19].

If you look at the chart below, you will see where millimeter (mm) wavelengths are situated. Right in the middle of the chart. And look at what electronic devices use mm waves. Microwave ovens.  Microwave ovens have been used in homes for decades. That also means people have been using millimeter waves INSIDE their homes for decades. People now understand that using microwaves may not be the healthiest thing to do, but no one actually panics over the use of microwave ovens in their homes in the same way they as they worry over 5G.  Should they?


The biological effects of microwaves (MW) is complex and controversial. When applied at high power, microwaves can induce a rapid rise of temperature by increasing molecular friction [20].  The non-thermal effects of microwave at low power remains highly controversial. Conflicting results are often obtained from experiments due to the difficulty in controlling and maintaining isothermal conditions during microwave irradiation. 

An excellent study released in 2014 by Rougier et al. concluded that cell response to 2.45 GHz microwave radiation is power dependent. The authors observed no effect on membrane modifications at 200 W, whereas significant effects were produced when power levels were equal to or higher than 400 W [21].  The energy from the short wavelength and power used in the experiment was considerably higher than natural ELF like Schumann Resonance.

Schumann Resonance & Evolutionary Adaptation to EMR

Our bodies evolved with electromagnetic radiation, ranging from the 7.83 Hz ultra-low Schumann Resonance, generated in the cavity formed by the Earth’s surface and the ionosphere, to the ultra-high UVB radiation frequency from the sun at 295 nanometers, used by our skin to produce vitamin D [2].  All the frequencies in between are man made with an extremely short history in comparison.  In that respect, man made EMR can be dangerous for humans because our bodies have not made appropriate adaptations. 

There is no question that EMR at ALL frequencies affect our biology.  The artificial manipulation of EMR to affect POSITIVE biological changes includes photobiomodulation; low-level laser therapies; higher frequencies in the visible and infrared wavelengths; and protocols utilizing ultra-low frequencies of around 40-50 Hz such as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy, and the ‘infamous’ Lilly waves.  To actually employ Lilly waves as a means to modulate brain waves however, is not a simple proposition. 

Lilly waves are elaborate biphasic pulse-pair waveforms introduced by John C. Lilly in 1955 [3]. The original technology involved the use of implanted electrodes in order to stimulate areas of the brain by passing currents through tissues without inflicting injuries to neurons. To actually deploy Lilly waves from a distance without implants in my humble opinion, is totally impractical. 


Lilly Wave

The size of the antennae presents a huge problem in the broadcast of extremely low frequencies such as the Lilly Wave, because the length of the antenna must be at least a substantial fraction of the length of the wave. How long is 40 Hz, which is the wavelength used in Lilly Wave?  The answer is 7,494,811.45 meters. [4]

The United States once maintained two ELF communication sites in the 1960’s, one in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest Wisconsin and another in the Escanaba River State Forest, Michigan.  The latter site was originally named Project Sanguine, then was later downsized and renamed as Project ELF prior to construction. Both sites were dismantled in 2004 because it was nearly impossible to deliver the electrical power required to operate the system. [5]

Only Nature can deploy ELF such as Schumann Resonance using the caverns of the earth as ‘antenna’. Lightning strikes can cause the spherical Earth-ionosphere cavity to “ring” like a bell.  That is also why lightning storms can spike the frequencies of Schumann Resonances.   

Is the Influence of Schumann Resonance Overshadowed by Electricity Usage?

The global consumption of electricity in 2018 has climbed to more than 23,000 TWh (Terrawatt hour) [6].  1 tera-watt hour per year = 1000 gigawatt hour per year = 1,000,000 megawatt hour per year. What kind of effects are exerted on biological systems from the combined effect of total electricity usage around the globe? 

This is a chart [17] that measured ELF electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s atmosphere, showing peaks caused by the various Schumann resonances. The sharp power peak at 50 Hz is the result of combined radiation emanating from electric power grids around the globe. There is also a similar spike at a much lower frequency (that is close to zero) on the left side belonging to radio noise from the Earth’s magnetosphere.


Science is only beginning to understand the impact of electromagnetic ion cyclotron (EMIC) waves that travel through plasma particles within the magnetosphere [7].  How much do we actually know about the effect of global electrical power grids on the earth’s atmosphere and biological systems?

ELF like Schumann Resonances have extremely long wavelengths, and are not blocked by mountain ranges. These waves can travel around the globe several times before decaying to negligible amplitudes [17].  Have you ever considered the powerful effects such long penetrating waves can exert upon living organisms?

Biological Effects of Schumann Resonance & Electricity

Schumann Resonance has been shown to affect blood pressure in human subjects [8]. 

A study released in Feb 2019 showed Schumann Resonance to confer cardioprotection from hypoxic and oxidative stress conditions [9]. 

Another study even showed that Schumann Resonance at 7.83 Hz can INHIBIT the growth of mouse melanoma cancer cells at rates up to 26.4%!  [10] 

These observations are in stark contrast to studies that show the opposite effects of 50-60Hz ELF on biological systems. 

Transient electromagnetic fields or what is commonly known as dirty electricity, in the kilohertz range on electrical wiring, has been observed to elevate blood sugar levels among diabetics and pre-diabetics [11].

50 Hz ELF-EMF exposure can effect genome-wide alterations in DNA methylation in sperm cells from mice [12]. 

50/60 Hz EMF has been shown to stimulate the immune system via the increase of free radicals, leading to the initiation of chronic inflammation as well as a higher incidence of DNA damage that will induce tumorigenesis  [13].

The ability of ELF 50 Hz magnetic fields to modulate the immune system producing genotoxic effects is further supported by evidence from studies that showed the formation of free radicals and the ensuing elevation of phagocytic activity and increased interleukin-1beta production in mouse models. [14]

The Difference Between 3 Billion Years and 150 Years

Why would the Schumann Resonance exert positive beneficial biological effects while those of man-made electricity at 50-60 Hz show completely opposite effects?  After all, both wavelengths are in the same category of extremely low frequencies. One plausible explanation would be all living organisms evolved with the Schumann Resonance for more than 3 billion years. The history of electricity is infinitesimal when  compared to the Schumann Resonance. 

Electricity has been around for just about 150 years, ever since Thomas Edison introduced it to the world.  In 2002, the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer officially established that ELF-MF may represent a possible carcinogenic hazard for humans.  To worry about the impact of 5G without due concern for the effect of 50/60 Hz is unrealistic.  It is similar to worrying about thieves coming into your home when you have your front and back doors wide open.  Even if all the n-G’s are eliminated, the continued expansion in the use of electricity will always be the cause for toxic agents to exert their tolls.

It is no coincidence that the effect of mold, bacteria, viruses, pathogens and environmental toxins are becoming increasing burdens to the health status of humans and other living organisms that have not adapted.  Bacteria are the simplest of organisms, and bacteria have been shown to be able to adapt and survive when exposed to ELF [15].  Until our species can successfully adapt to the effects of ELF, the insult will continue.  

If you cannot close the doors to your home, at least install some effective gates for protection. The use of ascorbic acid can be regarded as a major deterrent that may protect all living organisms from the detrimental effect electromagnetic frequencies [16].

Have you had your AA today?  



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